Prep Baseball Report

Top Uncommitted Tools - Class of 2026

Cooper Trinkle
Lead Scout

Our 2026 class rankings were updated last week and now we turn our focus to the top tools that are still available in Indiana's sophomore class. These tools are derived from both showcase performances, along with in-game evaluations done by our staff throughout the 2023 spring, summer, and fall. While recruiters cannot officially contact these prospects until August 1st of 2024 - these are the players that our staff believes recruiters should prioritize looks at during the spring and summer seasons of next year. Read along to learn more about the top uncommitted position player tools in the 2026 class, find notes on the top uncommitted arms in the class - broken down HERE


Name Rank School Class Pos.
Dylan Bowen 1 Hanover Central 2026 SS
Eli Sinsabaugh 2 Cathedral 2026 SS
Desmond Francis 3 Park Tudor 2026 SS
Ian Taylor 4 Guerin Catholic 2026 OF
Tyler Denny 5 Mooresville 2026 OF

Bowen owns the most impactful run tool in the class, a dynamic athlete that stands at 5-foot-11, 161 pounds. The run tool shows up all across the diamond - in the form of range in the middle of the diamond, an instinctual base-runner that creates choas, along with enhancing a hit tool that is already advanced. Bowen not only possesses straight-line speed (6.72 60), but moves with grace and fluidity, allowing him to change direction and quickly get to top speed. 

Sinsabaugh (video) has lightning quick feet - a 6.65 runner that is built full of quick twitch muscle fibers. A middle of the diamond defender, Sinsabaugh's foot quickness allows for range in the middle of the diamond. The advanced run tool is obvious on the offensive side of the ball as the Cathedral product routinely swipes bags & extends singles into extra-base hits. Sinsabaugh's athleticism shined during our athletic testing at last year's Preseason All-State, posting one of the top vertical leaps we've seen at our events with a 35.3" standing vertical. 

Posting the top 60 time we have seen in the class at 6.61 - Francis rounds out this group which could be considered 1A, 1B, & 1C. Francis is a glider-type runner, thriving underway with arguably the best top end speed in the class. Francis' feet impact the game on the base-paths, as well as in the middle of the diamond. 

Another '26 athlete that is full of quick twitch - Taylor shines in CF with the ability to accelerate to top speed in a hurry. A 6.79 runner - Taylor's run tool only becomes more magnified with his gap-to-gap power at the dish, allowing the tool to show in-game consistently.

Rounding out this group we have Tyler Denny. Denny is a swiss-army knife that can play virtually all over the diamond, speaking to the athleticism he possesses. A 6.81 runner - Denny swiped double digit bases in his freshman season at Mooresville. 


Name Rank School Class Pos.
Dylan Bowen 1 Hanover Central 2026 SS
Rob Czarniecki 2 Chesterton 2026 OF
Reed Robinson 3 New Prairie 2026 C
Ian Taylor 4 Guerin Catholic 2026 OF
Gavin Jackson 5 Providence 2026 3B

A national level prospect that shined at the 2023 Prep Baseball Future Games, Bowen holds the top hit tool in the class and profiles as an impacful tablesetter. A dynamic run tool adds excitement to the offensive profile and Bowen delivered barrel after barrel in looks during the 2023 seson. Bowen's hand speed stands out at the dish as the right-handed hitter delivers the barrel on a short, level path that creates consistency. Along with standout bat-to-ball, Bowen offers sneaky pop with an exit velocity that currently reaches 93 mph, and that number will continously improve as he adds strength to his lean, athletic frame. 

One of the more dangerous hitters in the '26 class - Czarniecki (video) checks all the boxes when looking at a prospective hitter. The physical, athletic, 6-foot-2, 195 pounder swings an accurate barrel, has present pull-side power and projects for all field power when it is all said and done, and controls the strike zone as well or better than any other hitter in the class. A patient approach at the dish, Czarniecki may be the toughest out in the class, rarely chasing out of the zone. 

Robinson owns a valuable profile as a switch-hitting catcher. The strong, compact, 5-foot-10, 185 pounder delivers a heavy barrel from both sides of the dish, producing a max exit velocity that reaches 94 mph. While there is significant power projection - Reed delivers a level barrel through the hitting zone that produces more line drive contact than it does lift. The level swing path allows for adjustability and consistent hard contact through the middle of the field. Robinson will be a name-to-know once recruiting opens back up for '26 grads. 

Taylor, one of the top runners in the class, also profiles as an impact tablesetter with all-kinds of twitch showing up in the batter's box. Taylor boasts some of the loudest bat speed in the class, reaching into the low-80s, a number that rivals many college hitters at this point. The bat speed, combined with standout rotational capabilities and promising bat-to-ball skills, produces mid-90s exit velocities (95 mph max). 

Jackson owns one of my favorite swings in the class. The strong, 6-foot, 190 pounder possesses a very sound mechanical swing - setting up in a strong base and his bat gets on-plane early while consistently getting to the front of the hitting zone. A sound bat path allows for impact to all fields and the strength in his lower half helps him control his timing to consistently get his best swings off. 

Power Bats

Name Rank School Class Pos.
Blake Cope 1 Zionsville 2026 1B
Colt Dehart 2 Indian Creek 2026 OF
Rob Czarniecki 3 Chesterton 2026 OF
Jake Winger 4 McCutcheon 2026 3B
Sean Dunlap 5 Crown Point 2026 C
Cope, one of the more physical bats in the class, was a big riser in our recent update and currently ranks as the top first baseman in the class. Built like a middle linebacker and standing at 6-foot-2, 195 pounds, the left-handed hitter delivers a heavy barrel and showed his raw power on multiple occasions this fall while playing against older competition. Cope (video) grades near the top of the class in bat speed (upper-70s) and exit velocity (95+ mph) and his athleticism (6.83 runner) creates excitement in a power/speed profile.

Dehart holds significant power potential in his long-levered, athletic, 6-foot-2, 185 pound frame. The swing enters the hitting zone on-plane and works uphill with fluidity. There is present pull-side power in the left-handed swing with all fields power sure-to-come as he adds more strength to the frame. Like Cope, straight-line speed (6.85 runner) creates excitement in a power/speed profile. 

Czarniecki offers a complete package at the dish with standout bat-to-ball skills and the strength to project all fields power. The Chesterton product has a powerful lower-half that ignites the swing & the barrel turns connected with the back shoulder to deliver the barrel into the hitting zone. Our staff saw Rob show pull-side power on multiple occasions in 2023, and I expect the physical right-handed hitter to post near triple digit exit velocities in his sophomore season.

There is significant power potential to dream on with Jake Winger. The long-levered, 6-foot-3, 180 pounder turns an uphill barrel through the hitting zone that creates natural lift. The power shows up more to the middle-of-the-diamond at this point, a trait to suggest that his in-game power will continue to show. There is plenty of room in the frame for added strength, another trait to dream on with Winger. 

Like the other names on this list, Dunlap's 6-foot-3, 185 pound frame holds room for added strength gains. With that being said, there is present pull-side strength in his game that showed in-game this fall against older competition. The physical backstop launches from a lower handset to create natural loft within the swing. The barrel works uphill with significant bat speed and Dunlap has reached near-95 mph exit velocities already. 


Name Rank School Class Pos.
Dylan Bowen 1 Hanover Central 2026 SS
Ian Taylor 2 Guerin Catholic 2026 OF
Gannon Grant 3 Center Grove 2026 SS
Beckett Suh 4 University 2026 SS
Lannon Nicoloff 5 Harrison 2026 SS
Bowen (video) has been well-documented thus far and shows up again here as the top ranked uncommitted defender in the class. This speaks volumes to Bowen's dynamic abilities between the lines and the 5-foot-11, 161 pristine athlete dances around at shortstop looking the part of a premium defender at the next level. Smooth actions with quick feet standout as Bowen makes out-of-funnel plays look routine. Bowen carries the ball across the diamond with above average arm strength (86 mph across the diamond). 

Taylor roams centerfield with confidence as his first step quickness stands out during gameplay. The 5-foot-9, 170 pound athlete with ample twitch not only shows advanced footspeed in the outfield, but also offers one of the strongest arms of any position player in the class, pulling it down at 90 mph from the outfield.

A fluid defender that should stick at SS in the long-term, Grant plays with a consistent tempo on the dirt and shows soft hands along with instincts. A two-way performer that shows premium arm strength on the mound, the arm translates to the infield, working across the diamond with carry. 

Suh has easy actions at short and makes the routine plays look routine on a consistent basis. Soft hands, a playable transfer, and body control show up consistently for the University product. 

Nicoloff is another shortstop with strong defensive abilities. The lanky, 5-foot-11, 150 pounder shows sound actions on the dirt with soft hands, body control, and the ability to throw from multiple arm slots. 

Next In-Line Prospects

*Players mentioned above were not considered for this category
*Players are listed in alphabetical order
Name State School Class Pos.
Aidan Creasbaum IN Hanover Central 2026 3B
Gabe Garcia IN Westfield 2026 OF
Karson Smith IN Guerin Catholic 2026 SS
Nathan Sutherlin IN Greencastle 2026 SS
Jace Watson IN Castle 2026 C

Creasbaum owns a very strong hit tool and that tool shows up on a consistent basis during gameplay. The strong, compact, 5-foot-11, 205 pounder hits out of a strong base with a bat path that works uphill. There is some adjustability as Creasbaum shows the ability to hit to all fields. 

Garcia offers a well-rounded toolset & is one of the top straight-line runners in the class (6.74 60). The wiry, 6-foot, 170 pound outfielder has twitch that shows up in the box in the form of bat speed, and he produces a max exit velocity of 93.1 mph. Garcia has stood out in a showcase setting & our staff is excited to get more in-game looks on him in 2024. 

A strong defensive shortstop appears next in Karson Smith. Smith, a lean, athletic, 5-foot-10, 145 pounder, shows smooth actions on the dirt and performed well amongst older competition during looks in the fall of 2023. 

Another potential "pick-to-click" in the '26 class is Sutherlin. Holding a projectable, athletic, 6-foot-3, 175 pound frame, Sutherlin shows upside in his running ability (7.03 60), bat speed (mid-70s), arm strength (83 INF), and has some present feel to hit. Sutherlin (video) uses his athleticism in the box and is able to produce a max exit velocity of 93.3 mph. 

Watson, a muscular catcher with strength, is another '26 we will keep close tabs on in 2024. The 6-foot-1, 205 pounder produces bat speed out of a simple, left-handed stroke. There is some present pull-side power (94.2 exit velocity) with more on the way as he continues to mature.