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First Thoughts: NE Pride Summer Scout Day

Dan Cevette
President, New York

The Northeast Pride held their annual summer scout day at the beautiful Hudson Valley Renegades stadium in Fishkill, NY four days ago (June 6). Players from their 13u through 17u rosters attended and worked out in front of nearly 20 college scouts and our PBR NY staff. Here's are first thoughts from the event. 

17U Roster

2019 SS David Curreri
Continues to improve the more we see the Stony Brook commitment. Size is still lean and lanky but the frame will add more size as he develops. Defensively the skillet is advanced. Aggressive and active to the ball, clean glove with an above average arm across the diamond. Rhythm at the plate with a fluid repeatable bat-path. Will see him at the "Call to the Hall" event at Cooperstown in July. 

2019 SS Brett Paulsen
Projectable frame up the middle with fluid actions defensively. Attacked the ball head on, slightly deep into his stance, arm was strong with carry to the bag. Slightly closed stance in the box, showed gap-to-gap power from a slightly inclined bat-path. 

2019 C/3B Anthony Dell'Aquilla
Small well built frame with high level visible athleticism. Shows above average arm strength from the corner and behind the plate, hovers the 2.0 pop-time range with a quick clean transfer. Balanced approach in the box with a level bat-path. Does not get cheated on his hacks. Bat-speed is above average. 

2019 SS Lucas Feliciano
Great size with an athletic appearance. Smooth actions defensively with above average glove skills, arm had carry across the diamond, next-level defender. Very compact bat-path with increased power since we last saw him over the winter. Will see him at the NYS Games and should garner a ton of attention. 

2019 RHP David Galvao
Premium size on the mound with a well proportioned build. Up to 86 mph from the long-fluid arm-action. Curveball has bite at times, very excited to see him at the end of the month, should garner plenty of attention. 

2020 3B/OF Max Luke
Above average bat from the left-side with premium power potential. Strong and thick build. Serviceable around the corner with a strong throwing arm. On the mound there's plenty to like, size projects to show durability, have seen him up to 86 (was 84 consistent at scout day) but the arm works and there's no restrictions. Excited to see him at the NYS Games. 

2019 LHP/OF Jake Miller
We have seen Miller several times and he just keeps getting better. Likely will settle in as a PO at the next-level but the bat looked impressive during BP. He's athletic and lean, generates high end bat-speed with his loose repeatable swing path. On the mound the lefty has a clean delivery, low-effort arm with a fastball sitting low-mid 80's and there's more in the tank. Fun to watch. 

2019 OF Myles Proctor
Highly athletic prospect, ball makes a different sound off his bat, power to the gaps. Glides in the OF with a serviceable arm. Will be on full display at the NYS Games at the end of this month. 

2020 RHP/ SS Sean Scanlon
Well built frame. Worked out as a middle infielder but might project better at the corner. Defensively he attacked the ball head on, glove was out in front and transfers were clean, arm strength had carry. There's some juice to his pull-side at the plate. Projects well on the mound. Sat 83-84 with a feel for his off-speed. Rising junior will garner attention at the NYS Games end of this month. 

2019 1B Jeff Ferrer
Active around the bag with a sound glove and quick release. Hits from the left-side using a simple approach mechanically, mostly level bat-plane with a line drive bat-path. Bat plays at the next-level. 

2020 RHP Caleb Martin
Impressive rising junior on the mound. 6-foot-0, 185 pounds with an athletic appearance, arm was clean and quick with a fastball sitting 83-85 with more in the tank. He also showed some juice from the batters box from a slightly uphill path. Will be at the NYS Games at the end of this month. 

2021 C Derek  Bender
Projectable backstop with athleticism. Sound defensively with soft hands, clean catch-throw mechanics with an arm that's above average for his age. At the plate he's wide in his setup, uses a back load and is very aggressive out in front attacking the baseball. Uphill bat-path through the zone, demonstrates the ability to hit for power with plenty more to come as he matures. 

2019 SS Carter Sorenson
Bat waggle pre-pitch, aggressive in the box with full-effort, attacks the ball on an uphill approach, above average bat-speed. Defensively has an active lower half, arm strength is steadily improving, clean glove, high arm-slot with slightly long release. 

2020 OF Brendan Harris
Oozes athleticism from a lean projectable frame. At the box his setup is slightly open, aggressive attacking the ball out in front, bat-path is short and uphill, above average power for his age. Defensively he moves well in the OF with a strong arm with carry. 

2019 C Addison Schaub
Wide base defensively with soft hands, very clean quick transfers, strong arm with carry to the bag, hovers the 2.0 pop-time range. In the box he uses a simple approach, mostly level through the contact zone with signs of power to the gaps, gets full extension through the ball. 

2019 3B Cade Labracio
Great size and presence on the field. Bats from the left side with an easy tempo to his mechanics, short to the ball with a compact finish, produces power to his pull-side. Next-level corner defender, fluid actions with an above average arm. 

2020 LHP/OF Will Kindl
Slender build with a frame able to handle more weight in the future. Signs of athleticism are currently present in Kindl's game. Sound defensively with strong arm-strength and carry on his throws. Fluid tempo to his swing mechanics, slightly inclined through contact with power signs especially to his pull-side,  uses full extension.  On the mound the arm works. It's clean with no restrictions, fastball gets near 80 mph now but there's clear signs of more velocity in the tank.



2021 C Tyler Pugliese
Well built backstop in rising sophomore class (2021), Setup in the box is open, mostly level through the zone with slight lift after contact, loud contact with juice to pull-side. Catching skills continue to improve, quick transfer with accuracy to the bag, one of the better catch and throw kids we saw all day, his pop times hover the 2.0 time. 

2021 1B/RHP Eric Hodnett
Large frame with signs of more strength gains to come. In the box there's some pull-side current, some uphill bat-plane to his swing, strong with strong hands. Serviceable corner defender. Projects out on the mound with a fastball that's currently in the upper 70's, clean extension out in front with signs of more velocity to come. 


13 U

2023 3B/RHP Joseph Curreri
Well built frame for his age, stronger lower half. In the batters box he shows confidence with a fluid bat-path all the way through his finish. Shows barrel-control and the ability to hit to all fields, bat projects at next level. Defensively, footwork is well-trained, active, glove is out in front showing proper fielding mechanics. Pitching there's signs to project on. Sound mechanics with tempo, longer arm-action that produces low-70's velocity currently, more in the tank. 

2023 OF/RHP Vincent Fraterrigo
Lean projectable frame with length to his limbs. From the mound there's plenty to like, already in the mid-70's with low-effort and clean actions. Signs of more velocity in the tank as he continues to mature. Defensively no issues in the OF looking comfortable staying through the ball and showing a strong arm for his age. In the box he uses a simple compact bat-path, could benefit from more extension through his finish. 



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