Florida Insider: A preseason look at Windermere Prep

By Rob Sidwell
Florida Scouting Director

Windermere Prep School has always been a very prestigious private school located in Southwest Orlando, but this year it may be the first time since its inception that is known for their baseball program. After watching the team scrimmage this week I noticed the talent to be at a very high level with four current division 1 signees and one uncommitted that will likely be a high level 2016 draft. The following are those players.

RHP Chase Haney (2015) is a 6-foot-6, 225 pound FSU commit with a very tall loose athletic body and a wide back and strong lower half. A very large frame. Loose whippy arm from a side arm slot. Lands in line with a rotational delivery. Goes around front side. Occasionally pulls off line and ball gets away from him. When he stays in line his stuff is tighter with late life. FB is 85-88 with heavy sink at times. Likes to throw his SL at 74-76 mph. It's a sweeping slurve with occasional depth and tight rotation. He throws both pitches for strikes. CHG is 81-82 mph with the same action as his FB. At times has good feel with good arm speed and occasionally slows down. Very tough on RHH. Reminds me of Darren O’Day.

RHP Andrew Kane (2015) is a 6-foot-6, 210 pound Mercer commit with a very tall loose athletic projectable body with a wide back. A large frame to fill out. Loose whippy arm from a low 3/4 slot. Takes ball out slightly past hip with a wrist wrap in back. Lands slightly across the body. FB has a lot of run and cut action at 84-87 mph. CV is a big sweeping slurve with occasional depth. Will occasionally slow down to throw it. CHG is at 77-78 mph. Slows down to throw it and occasionally pushes it. Needs a bit more arm speed. Tough against RHH.  

RHP Austin Bergner (2016) is a 6-foot-4, 190 pounder with a tall loose lean athletic projectable body with strength in hips and thighs. Loose quick easy working arm at a 3/4 slot. Fluid delivery. Very good arm speed. Ball jumps out of his hand. Has some deception. Hides ball in back. Lands across his body but gets good extension out front consistently. Repeats delivery. Commands the FB. Throws breaking ball for strike. FB has some late run and sink at 90-94 mph. CV is a downer with depth at 77-79 mph. A swing and miss pitch. 2 plus ML pitches with a lot of upside. Will throw even harder. Has a chance to be a high 2016 draft.

3B Jake Smith (2015) is a 6-foot-2, 200 Florida Gulf Coast commit with a big blocky strong body with a big frame. Good actions in infield with softness in his hands. Showed an avg ML arm. Plenty to play on the left side of the infield. Lacks ideal range for the middle but will settle in eventually at 3B. Maybe even further down the road, behind the plate. Good LH swing with some quickness and strength in his hands. Good path that stays in the zone with some loft. Has avg ML power now with more to come.

3B/C/RHP Rylan Thomas (2016) is a 6-foot 220 pound UCF commit with a stocky thick wide country strong mature body. Is a 2 way guy. On the mound he had an OH arm slot with a max effort compact delivery. Good arm speed with some tilt to his FB at 87-88 mph. Short in back, hides ball, lands in line, keeps head on target. Likes to throw the SL at 81-83 mph. At times it's a plus ML pitch with a short tight cut action to it with depth. Also spins the CV well at 74-76 mph. It's a big breaking downer with depth that is at times an avg ML pitch. Has arm strength with very good secondary stuff that he throws for strikes.

Normally plays 3B but caught today without much experience and looked to me like he had a chance to play there. Needs a lot of work but has the body type for that position and plenty of arm strength. Hands are good enough but needs work on his set up. He tried to be too quick and hurry on his release to 2B and doesn't need to. Moved well for a big guy. Blocked several balls. Has the tools to become a good catcher but currently is a work in progress. Is an offensive guy with good bat speed and strength, above avg ML power. Will be interesting to follow.

RHP Michael Bacica (2018) is a 6-foot-3, 170 pounder with a tall loose lean very projectable body with long arms and legs. Loose easy working arm from a high 3/4 slot. Big take away in back and lands across his body. Inconsistent release out front. Occasionally works around the ball. FB is a natural cutter at 80-83 mph. Occasionally gets under it and flattens out but mostly has late cut action to it. Didn't throw any secondary stuff. Very young kid with a very high ceiling. Will be interesting to follow.

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