Q&A with 2017 Indiana Commit Matthew Litwicki

By Phil Wade

Indiana Executive Director

Lake Central's Matthew Litwicki is a 6-foot-2, 190 pound right-handed pitcher that committed to Indiana University and Head Coach Chris Lemonis earlier this month.  The sophomore is currently ranked No. 9 in Indiana's class of 2017 rankings with a fastball up to 89 this summer.

PBR: Ultimately, why did you choose IU? 

Litwicki: They made me feel like I belonged as a Hoosier from the beginning. 

PBR: Where did IU first see you compete? 

Litwicki: They saw me throw for my Apex team down at Louisville. 

PBR: What role do the coaches see you playing when you arrive on campus? 

Litwicki: I believe they would like me to be a starting pitcher. 

PBR: Have you made any visits down to Bloomington? 

Litwicki: Yes, I have made two visits down to IU. One was a camp, and one was a visit to tour the campus. 

PBR: Were there any other schools you were considering? 

Litwicki: There were other schools talking to me, but IU stuck in my mind through it all. 

PBR: You are heading into your sophomore season at Lake Central, what was the biggest reason you chose to commit this early? 

Litwicki: Honestly, it was to lose a ton of stress off myself. I knew every day that I wanted to go to IU and be a Hoosier 

PBR: Who do you play for in the summer, and how has playing for them impacted your baseball career? 

Litwicki: I play for Apex Baseball and being with this organization has helped me branch out and become a better pitcher, whereas I was just throwing the ball before. 

PBR: Who has had the biggest impact on you as a baseball player? 

Litwicki: The biggest impact on me as a ball player has to be my coaches Brian Frank, Jerry Tomasic, and Brian Ruthrauff.  

PBR: Now that you have committed, what are your goals going forward as a high school baseball player? 

Litwicki: My goals for this high school season are to become a better rounded athlete and also to become a better all-around pitcher.  

PBR: Who is the toughest hitter you've faced in Indiana? 

Litwicki: One of the toughest hitters I have ever faced has to my catcher, Alex Mis, he barrels anything you throw and makes at bats last longer than average. 

PBR: What is your fondest baseball moment to date? 

Litwicki: My favorite baseball moment would probably have to be when I went to watch a Lake Central Varsity game right after our Junior Varsity game, and our coach told me to get in the dugout and finish out the game. I had to throw two innings.

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