Prep Baseball Report

Evansville Preseason ID : Quick Hits

Cooper Trinkle
Lead Scout

On Sunday, March 10th, the PBR Indiana staff traveled to Evansville, Indiana to host the Evansville Preseason ID at the newly renovated GRIT Athletic Academy. This was the sixth stop of our seven event Preseason ID tour, where we travel around the state to identify top prospects from all areas of Indiana.

20 prospects from Evansville and the surrounding areas showcased their talents and participated in a pro-style workout, gathering unrivaled access to data through our state-of-the-art tech partners, as well as in-depth scouting analysis from our Prep Baseball Indiana staff. Read along to find notes on the top perfomers of the day. 

Find the full statistical breakdown, HERE.

Top Prospects 

+ '25 RHP Kellen English (Evansville North) showed very well, a Future Gamer from 2023 that committed to Indiana shortly after the event. English continues to show positive trends in his development, beginning to look the part of a true prospect. An ultra-projectable, 6-foot-9, 210 pounder, English has added a couple ticks to his fastball, now working at 88-89, touching 89.5 mph from a high, over-the-top slot. English pitches from a 6-foot-10 release height, gaining 6 1/2 feet of extension, allowing the fastball to play up. On top of the unique release height, English carries the fastball with an average of 20" of IVB, another trait that allows his fastball to play above its velo. The Indiana recruit also showed an 87-88 mph sinker with 15" of horizontal break. His slider has firmed up, showing sweeper properties at 76-80 mph, and his 79-81 mph changeup plays well off the sinker. English undoubtedly has more velocity in the tank, he's controlling his body better than ever within the delivery, and holds some of the highest upside of any arm in the state of Indiana, currently. 

+ '25 LHP Will Coleman (Castle) was his typical-self, flooding the zone with a four-pitch mix. Coleman is a super-strikethrower, sitting 85-86, touching 86.4 mph on his carry fastball (18"+ IVB). The changeup is the separator for the lanky, 6-foot-1, 175 pounder, pulling the string on a plus-change at 71-73 mph (-17.2" horizontal). His ability to carry the heater and throw the changeup on command allows him to keep hitters off-balance in a game setting. The Missouri recruit also showed the ability to manipulate shape on spin, throwing a firmer, late-breaking slider at 76-77 mph, and also showing a bigger, 70-71 mph curveball with 12/6 shape. 

+ '25 RHP Braden Perry (Evansville North) was a solid uncommitted junior from the Evansville ID. An athletic, 6-foot-3, 185 pounder - Perry showed an innate ability to spin the ball, showing two swing-and-miss breaking balls in his bullpen session. Perry spun a tight (2865), 74-76 mph slider that generated 20" of horizontal break, and also a wipeout, two-plane, 73-75 mph curveball that spun at 2965, on average, with -20" of IVB and -17.7" of horizontal break. His ability to spin is a real weapon, and he compliments it with a fastball that worked at 84-86, touching 86.5 mph. Perry showed a fast right arm that speeds up to an over-the-top release point. 

+ '25 INF Charlie Hoffman (Evansville Mater Dei) posted the loudest exit velocity of the day, reaching a peak of 97.9 mph. The lanky, 5-foot-11, 170 pounder has a super simple swing, setting up in a balanced stance with the barrel laid back. Hoffman repeats a simple stride before turning the barrel on a short, flat path. The swing is geared towards line drive contact and Hoffman peppered the back well with one liner after another. Defensively, the uncommitted infielder shows simple, fundamental actions with above average arm strength (82 across). 

+ '26 C Gunner Alexander (Gibson Southern) was a pop-up sophomore that showed very well. A strong, compact, 5-foot-10, 185 pounder - Alexander showed catch & throw prowess with his pops registering at 1.95 - 2.01, and an arm that was up to 78 mph from the crouch. He also showed well in the bullpen portion, showing sure hands and above average overall receiving abilities. At the plate, the stocky right-handed hitter showed a short, simple swing, hitting into a firm lead leg to allow the barrel to accelerate through contact. Alexander flashed gap power, reaching a peak exit velocity of 93.6 mph. 

+ '25 SS/RHP Tyler Singleton (Evansville Harrison) showed positive trends in his development compared to a look at last year's Indiana Fall State Games. The 5-foot-9, 175 pound primary shortstop took a solid round of batting practice, spraying firm liners from gap to gap. Singleton sets up in a relaxed, athletic stance with subtle pre-pitch rhythm. His hands load on-time with his forward move to create stretch, and he turns the barrel on an ideal bat path. There is some strength in the swing, as Singleton reached a peak exit velocity of 96.3 mph. Singleton showed quick feet in infield evals, with above average arm strength across the diamond (82 across). The uncommitted junior showed some two-way prowess, showcasing a fastball that reached 85 mph. 

Other Notable Performers