Yearly Leaders - CB/SL Spin Rate

Dan Jurik
Scouting Director - Pacific Northwest

Although 2020 was a difficult year for athletes across the state, we were fortunate to be able to continue with our scouting coverage as well as run events when we had the opportunity. 

One of the biggest question marks throughout the year was what was going to happen to college recruiting. Scouts all over the country have had to get clever with their approach but there has been plenty of recruiting still going on. College coaches are finding a way to get it done and Prep Baseball Report has been there to help provide resources and information to anyone who is looking to find more players. Our coverage of the state will continue moving forward and should hopefully be a bit easier as things get closer to normal in 2021. 

One of the biggest additions to PBR in 2020 was the implementation of higher level technology with advanced data metrics. Prep Baseball Report events across the country were powered by TrackMan’s industry-leading portable radar system to capture pinpoint, accurate, actionable data from player performances. Prep Baseball Report and TrackMan are dedicated to recognizing talent and sharing what we discover across all of our platforms. 

As we wrap up 2020, we will continue reviewing some of the top performances of the past year. Today, we will be taking a look at the top spin rates on breaking balls (CB/SL). All of the data below is from players who attended PBR events ONLY

Spin rate helps us understand what type of potential a pitch has and helps the player understand how to best utilize their arsenal. Spin rate is a piece of the equation. We also need to know the axis the ball spins on as well as where it is being released from. All of this information is available to players in their post-event deliverable. 

PBR Showcases help identify which prospects have asserted themselves towards the top of their class as well as who might be one of the next youngsters to emerge onto the scene. They also serve as potential identifiers for invite-only events such as our Future Games and Junior Future Games

All of the data is hosted on a player's profile page. To see an individual player, click on their name in the list. 


CB/SL Spin Rate

1 Jack Lieuallen OR Pendleton 2023 RHP CB 2758 rpm
2 Chase Reynolds OR West Albany 2021 RHP SL 2636 rpm
3 Erik Hoffberg OR Lakeridge 2023 RHP CB 2597 rpm
4 George Eisenhardt OR Lakeridge 2021 RHP SL 2584 rpm
5 Jackson Sanders OR Tualatin 2024 RHP CB 2520 rpm
6 Gavin Kleier OR Grant 2021 LHP CB 2435 rpm
7 Jacob Fitch OR Newberg 2021 SS CB 2404 rpm
8 Spencer Sullivan OR West Linn 2022 OF CB 2397 rpm
9 Braeden Munger OR Westview 2021 LHP SL 2383 rpm
10 J Noble Meyer OR Jesuit 2023 RHP SL 2352 rpm
11 Broderick Stanaway OR Sprague 2021 RHP SL 2291 rpm
12 Jacob Matlock OR Lake Oswego 2021 RHP CB 2289 rpm
13 Ty Alleman OR Jesuit 2023 RHP CB 2238 rpm
14 Kyle Sullivan OR West Linn 2021 RHP CB 2228 rpm
15 Connor Hale OR Newberg 2021 3B CB 2220 rpm
16 Caleb Debban OR Tigard 2021 LHP SL 2214 rpm
17 Colby Turco OR Wilsonville 2024 LHP CB 2172 rpm
18 Nolan Helgerson OR Portland Christian 2021 LHP CB 2171 rpm
19 Joey Gartrell OR Canby 2021 RHP CB 2152 rpm
20 Armand Lettiere OR Central Catholic 2023 RHP SL 2149 rpm
21 Maddox Molony OR Thurston 2023 SS CB 2143 rpm
22 Niko Rosell OR Century 2022 3B CB 2132 rpm
23 Carson Joe OR South Medford 2022 RHP CB 2116 rpm
24 Ky Hoskinson OR McMinnville 2022 SS SL 2100 rpm
25 Gabe Howard OR West Linn 2024 OF CB 2090 rpm