PBR Showdown: Scout Blog

PBR Georgia

The PBR Showdown took place from June 1-4 at LakePoint Sports. Talented teams from all over the country made their way south to see who would be crowned PBR Showdown championship. Players from the 2027-2024 classes showcased their talents, and our scouting staff was there for all the action. Below we take a look at some of the top performers that stood out.

Luke Niktowski, RHP/SS, 2026
6-foot 145-pounds. Nitkowski has been on the radar since early spring when he got the call up to pitch on varsity at the Georgia Dugout Club event. The actions have always been there, even at 13u and 14u in tournaments at LakePoint. He has shot up in height and is now filling out the frame. He was called on in a tie game for a couple innings in relief. You can tell he loves the big moments, and thrives on competition. He ran one of his fastballs up to 87, and was 84-85 most the outing. He controlled the tempo of the game, and pounded the bottom half of the zone. He has a quick pace delivery that plays perfectly with his arm action. The curveball is sharp, and will only tick up in velo adding even more spin. Luke will be a fun one to watch at NPI this week, and into next spring where he should have a starting role in MIF and on the mound.

Tristan McKibben, SS, 2025
Uncommitted. 6-foot-2, 170-pounds. McKibben had (2) 2-run doubles vs. Nelson Baseball. He has a smooth approach at the plate with his toe-tap load, which engages his hips, and helps him drive the baseball with strong, hard, contact through the zone. McKibbens XL frame and strong lower half generate some serious pop, especially to the pull-side. His patience + above-average hands keep him locked in throughout his AB. Defensively, he can make all the routine plays with his range and his arm. McKibben does a really nice job of reacting to hard grounders and throwing on-line, strong, accurate throws to 1B. This kid will be one to watch throughout the summer. Evan Taylor, OF, 2027
Uncommitted. 6-foot, 175-pounds. Taylor had a really good day against Top Tier Athletics. He had two hits on the day. He had a bases clearing 3-run opposite field double and a smoked single up the middle. He has an open stance with nice athletic bend in the knees. He rotates his hips, extends, and squares up the ball with power up through the zone. He maintains good balance throughout his swing. Will continue to add even more muscle throughout his body which will add more power as he matures.

Landon Edmonds, 2B, 2025
Uncommitted. 5-foot-8, 160-pounds. Edmonds has a short, compact, build. Edmonds smoked an RBI double to the left-center gap. He has a smooth leg-kick load, rotates hips well, and extends through the zone with above-average hand speed to drive the ball with force. He is good speed around the bases + instincts. Defensively, Edmonds showed nice glove-work, especially when he had to get a ball on the move. Showed he could get the ball out quickly and accurately.

Sam Peterson, SS/OF, 2024
Uncommitted. 5-foot-10, 160-pounds. (Peterson is ranked in the top 50 at his position in GA). Peterson crushed a ball to LF for a double. He also is a smooth baserunner with + speed. He has a muscular, athletic, frame. Smooth easy rhythm load with quick hands, rotates hips with controlled aggression, and turns the barrel efficiently in tight spaces. Defensively, he played in the OF for this game and made all the routine plays. His + speed gives him more range in the outfield and he takes smart routes to the ball.

Kaleb Sexton, LHP/1B, 2026
Uncommitted. 6-foot 2, 185-pounds. Sexton commanded the zone with all three of his pitches. He attacked hitters in the count which allowed him to be efficient. His fastball sat 80-82 with arm side run. Slurve started on the same plane as the fastball creating a lot of ugly swings. Sexton had lots of success striking batters out left and right. He will be a fun prospect to follow in the next few months rolling into the next couple of years. Has the potential to create a lot of buzz around his name.

Chip Glogorski, C, 2026
Uncommitted. 5-foot 11, 180-pounds. Glogorski is a fun player to watch. He grinds out at-bats, plays the game the right way, and is someone who you want on your team. Glogorski smoked an 0-2 curveball into the gap. He was slightly fooled on the pitch, but he was able to keep his hands back and drive the ball with authority (93 mph EV). Slight close down of the front shoulder when the pitch is starting to be delivered.He is a solid defender behind the plate, and the power is starting to develop at the plate. Glogorski will be at the Top Prospect Games on June 6th. Nathan Nance, SS, 2025
Uncommitted, 5-foot-11, 160-pounds. Nance is a super athletic shortstop that people are going to start turning their heads for coming out of the ‘25 class. He had an impressive workout at the Georgia Summer open event on wednseday and has had a great start to the PBR Showdown. Nance is a plus runner and is really aggressive on the base paths. He has a quick/short swing at the plate and has power to all parts of the field. Real fluent in his motions. At shortstop he is a lockdown defender. Has great lateral movements and smooth hands. Excited to see his development this summer.

Parker Troughton, SS/RHP, 2027
Uncommitted, 5-foot-10, 148-pounds. Troughton is an athletic, multipositional athlete. For a class of ‘27 athlete he is already well developed. Troughton pitches and can hit a 76 fastball. Then is also an aggressive short stop. He is able to stop most balls that come his way and control the runners. He is a batter who you can count on to get on base. With a smooth swing and patience, he is able to hit to all parts of the field.Troughton reads the pitcher well to steal multiple bases. He is a fun player to watch and see how he grows.

Caleb Brown, SS/2B, 2024
Uncommitted. 6-foot-2, 165-pounds. Brown is a tall, lanky, athlete. (Top 50 at his position in Ga). Brown smoked a ball to LF for an RBI single with a 93 EV. Open athletic stance with nice bend to his knees. He has a nice leg-kick load, rotates his hips + shoulders in rhythm while his bat is touching his shoulder. His hands are inside as he explodes through the zone with force while his barrel moves up through the zone creating hard contact as he drives the ball. Brown stays patient as he went down 0-2 early and battled off some pitches before getting his RBI single. He is a Gamer that should develop more more power as he develops. Defensively, showed solid glovework, especially when he was on the move. He threw on-line and accurate throws to 1B. He also made some nice plays when he had to extend his range into the outfield to get a high pop-up. Duncan McLamb, 1B, 2024 
Uncommitted. 6-foot-2, 165-pounds. McLamb has a wide stance, leg-kick load, rotates the hips and shoulders in sync as his front-leg straightens and his barrel moves flat through the zone. He uses his XL frame to his advantage, especially his strong lower-half which helps him get more force to drive the ball. For his size he moves well and takes smooth, long strides around the base paths. Defensively, his size helps give him a bigger radius to catch balls from 2B, SS, 3B. He also had above-average glovework that was seen multiple times in bang-to-bang outs at 1B where he had to pick balls out of the dirt.

Carson Hodges, 3B, 2025
Uncommitted. 5-foot-10, 170-pounds. Hodges is a right handed bat that I really Liked this weekend. He had a big game on day 3 of the PBR Showdown. He had 2 hits with one being an opposite field double. Hodges has a nice smooth/rotational swing through the zone. In his first AB he does a nice job of keeping his hands loaded and keeping his weight back on a BB. He keeps his hands and hips engaged through his swing. Hodges has some sneaky gap to gap power to get his extra base hits. Defensively he plays a solid 3B as well. Making every play that comes his way. 

Grayson McCarthy, RHP/SS, 2027
Uncommitted. 5-foot-10, 155 pounds. McCarthy put up some high velocity and had strong mechanics that I liked for an RHP that is just entering high school. McCarthy consistently hit 85 on his fastball and up to 72 on his curve, using each pitch at the right times. His mechanics will allow him to increase his velocity through high school without trading that in for excessive wear and tear on his arm. He has a quick full circle arm action (H3/4) and stays well connected to his backside, clean and repeatable mechanics. For his mechanics, his body type and size work in his favor on the pitching side. Has a 91 infield velo to top it all off and has impressed offensively as well.

Samir Mohammed, RHP/3B, 2027
Uncommitted, 6-foot-3, 215 pounds. He’s a beast on both sides of the ball, but showed up on the pitching side for the game I caught him on. Had a great pitch mix that he utilized well with an 82-84 mph fastball and touched 85, 72 curve, and a changeup at 70. Went 5 innings and gave up two hits, no walks. He is well in-tune with the strike zone and located well. Full circle arm action with a H3/4 arm slot. Simple movement with a loose delivery. Fastball had some good spin and his curveball was sharp. Large frame with plenty of strength that he utilizes on both sides of the ball, his arm speed certainly is a plus tool for a 3rd baseman as well.