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Top Prosect Games: Underclass - Quick Hits

PBR Georgia

Emerson, GA - The Top Prospect Games: Underclass took place on June 6th at LakePoint Sports. This event consisted of prospects from the 2025-2027 classes. These players went through a pro-style workout and took batting practice using Trackman to record hitting metrics. Pitchers were able to throw in gameplay and were able to get numbers and metrics off of our Trackman unit, such as pitch velocity, spin rate, horizontal & vertical movement & much more. There were some players who showed up and continued to build off of prior performances, but there were also some new names who jumped onto our radar with a strong showing on Tuesday.
Kicking off our post-event coverage for these events, we take a look back at some of the top performers and standouts from the event. Continuing over the course of the next week or so, we will release Statistical Leaderboards for the event, along with our scouting reports.
Click HERE to view all positional stats from the event.

Jackson Taylor, 2025 SS
Uncommitted, 6-3 175 LB long & lanky frame with immense projection that college coaches will dream on, Taylor turned in one of the most consistent rounds of BP yesterday , peppering balls to all fields with true backspin. It’s a silky smooth LH swing paired with advanced bat to ball skills , feel for the barrel & dynamic swing mechanics. Jackson possesses 3 of the main traits that you want in a swing, rhythm, timing , sequence. Tall set up with rhythm in the hands ,leg lift signals the hips to rock back and the hands stay in motion in one compact spot promoting proper sequence. Jackson’s hands gradually flow back into the hitting slot at the same pace of his stride, landing with a still head that is in the center of his body that will allow him to track/see spin & adjust. Hips fire with proper direction through the middle of the field, back elbow tucks and is tight to the body creating linear connection as the hands are thrown. Knob leads the way for the barrel to have an extended stay in the zone. Swing mechanics you would see in someone 3 years older! The mature BP transferred over to game play as he showed the ability to see/track pitches due to his still head in fwd move. Worked himself into good counts and singled the other way in one AB. Ran a 6.81 60 yard dash and played an athletic SS/2B with soft hands and smooth footwork. There is a lot to like about this uncommitted 2025! Great follow for this summer.

Kenneth Hart, 2025 OF/RHP
Uncommitted , KJ Hart turned in one of the louder performances as a whole yesterday both on the mound and in the box. Immediately the 6-5 200 LB frame stands out with still room to add muscle/LBS. Metrictly he turned in some of the event's best numbers with a 105.5 max exit velocity, a max distance of 385 feet as well as throwing 93 from the OF and sitting 87/90 on the mound. Offensively KJ projects as a potential middle of the order bat that will drive in runs and hit for power. He uses his long levers to his advantage and creates serious leverage and force from the ground up.Tight+connected turn that starts by the back elbow tucking tight to his body creating torque and the barrel entering from the inside with noticeable hand speed. Produced one of the event's louder rounds of BP either lacing balls to oppo gaps or lifting to the PS. On the mound Hart was raw but showed really intriguing arm talent+arm strength and athleticism. The FB jumped out of hand & sat 87/90 with up to 2333 RPM’s, he showed feel for his SL that had a late wrinkle with depth and was thrown with conviction + good arm speed , up to 2457 RPM’s. Overall it was an electric performance from Hart and he is one to follow as the summer progresses.
FB 87/90 , (2333) ,  whiffs.
SL 77/80 (2457)  , late wrinkle , depth.

John Stuetzer, 2025 SS/OF
Uncommitted, Stuetzer has shown well thus far in the early summer, the pwr + speed combo really shine and will allow him to impact the game in many different ways whether it be beating out a chopper, stealing second or driving the ball up the gap for a XBH. Mr Stuetzer turned in another sound performance yesterday as he peppered balls all over the yard in BP (96EV) , ran a 6.78 60 , threw 85 across the infield and showed athletic+sound actions defensively  Offensively, it’s a strong+athletic RHH w/force in the hands with the ability to adjust w/the legs. Trigger + toe tap work together in opposite direction for proper sequence. Back knee/hip fire down for proper direction (thru middle of field), back elbow tucks and is tight to the body allowing for a connected turn with the knob leading the way. Top 50 in the state's 2025 class and will only continue to rise as the summer moves forward.

Smith McGarvey , 2026 LHP 
Uncommitted, Highly projectable 6-2 170 LB frame that has a velocity climb in his future. QB in hs! Long+loose free flowing AA that came out of a L3/4 slot and worked directly with the biggest muscles in his body. A High lead arm/glove & slight wrap added funk & trouble to get on time. This is an intriguing LHP that will have a gradual climb in velocity and be a highly sought after LHP in the years to come. The fastball was 79-82 and slider was 67-70.

Colton Sweat, MIF, 2026
5-foot-10 160-pounds. Sweat has added obvious strength in the last year, and it has taken his game to another level. The ball now sounds different off the bat, and has the ability to hit the balls in the gap with authority. The actions have always been there in the field, but now he has the arm to go with it. His 60 time dropped to a 7.19 from a 7.35 less than a year ago. His average trackman hitting distance went up by over 50ft, and exit velocity increased by 3 mph.

Branson Crawford, UTL, 2026
Crawford is another one that has made some really big strides in the last year. The strength he has added has helped him both at the plate and on the mound. His 60 time dropped to a 6.86 from a 7.43 a year ago. He was up to 87 on the mound compared to low 80’s a year ago. During his BP round he posted an average distance of 290ft compared to 240ft last year. He is one of the top catchers in the class, and posted the top catcher velo of the day at 86, and pop times from 1.9-2.0.

Michael Dee, 2025 SS 
Uncommitted, Michael Dee is one of the best athletes in the state regardless of sport who started off his day w/ loud barrels in BP. Very good rhythm, simplified load+forward move that plays well vs big velocity. Rangy frame loaded w/ twitch & bat speed. Impressed in game play as well playing an athletic sure handed SS and lacing a 2K FB back up the middle. Will impact the game in so many different ways! Ultra athlete!

Carson Zagryn , 2025 2B 
Uncommitted,Physical 6-2 200 LB frame that impressed in BP & in game play,Mr Zagryn turned in a consistent round of BP showing the ability to impact the baseball w/ease. What stood out the most about his round was some of the hardest balls he hit were from 1 knee, the strength at impact and athleticism in the box were glaring. Carson hits against a strong front side, paired with a tight+connected turn. In game play showed the ability to use the opposite field and let the ball travel and go the other way & adjust for the away pitch. Great follow for this summer that should be highly sought after moving forward. 

Terrance Bowen, 2B/SS, 2025
Uncommitted. 6-foot 2, 185 pounds. Bowen has a strong, large frame with lots of athleticism. Bowen had a solid round of bp averaging 95 ev. He had multiple 100+ ev’s and some big power potential. His lower half direction and ideal separation timing allows for him to create effortless bat speed. His long frame causes him to have solid speed and range in the infield. He has a smooth arm action that allows him to release the ball quickly. Bowen also possesses smooth hands which makes him a solid defender in the middle infield. He is able to show off his athleticism in all aspects of his game. Bowen will be a fun player to watch as he continues to develop. 

Eston Simpson, RHP, 2025

Landon Ludwig, RHP, 2025
Uncommitted. 5-foot 9, 165 pounds. Ludwig had an impressive day on the mound showing off his fastball velocity, which was up to 90. He is a hard throwing right hander that does a good job at getting hitters to swing and miss. He has solid control of his fastball and slider making him an efficient strike thrower. He has a repeatable delivery allowing him to consistently locate pitches and be effective on the mound. His durable frame and well built lower half will allow him to eat innings. Ludwig will be an interesting player to watch as he continues to develop. 

Landon Kemp, 2025 SS/2B
Uncommitted, Wiry athletic, 5-11 155 LB frame packed w/ twitch and athleticism. Landon showed dynamic swing mechanics that you would see from a D1 hitter. Rhythm+fluidity throughout, simple trigger that he repeats. Still+quiet head, back elbow tucks and creates torque,knob leads the way & allows the barrel to stay in zone. Multiple 90+ EV’s. Rangy+athletic actions up the middle w/rhythm in the feet and hands. Highly intriguing athletic MIF in the 25’ class. 

Neyland Hulsey , 2026 C 
Uncommitted,Hulsey showed off one of the sweetest swings regardless of age yesterday. Consistently being on the barrel w/ low effort and fluidity throughout. Simple, well sequenced swing with innate feel for the barrel. Confidence shines!! 

Noah Allen, RHP, 2025
Uncommitted. 6-foot 6, 181 pounds. Allen was impressive on the mound commanding his 3 pitch arsenal well. His sinker was an effective swing and miss pitch that sat 87-89 with 2000 rpm. He also had high HZB on his sinker making it hard for hitters to consistently make contact with. Coming off his sinker, he was able to throw a nasty slider with above average spin. His slider sat 75-77, topping out at 2703 rpm. Allen has a High ¾ arm slot that he hides well, forcing hitters to pick up pitches later in his delivery. His large, lanky frame gives him high ceiling potential in the 2025 class. 

Jude Matthews, LHP, 2026
Uncommitted. 6-foot, 165 pounds. Matthews was one of my favorite guys to watch out on the mound. He has a 3 pitch mix with advanced life on all 3 pitches. He does well at hiding his arm slot, forcing hitters to track pitches later in his delivery. His fastball sat 82-83 and tailed away from the plate making it an effective swing and miss pitch. His slurve had above average spin topping out at 2735 and sitting 68-71. His changeup also makes for a solid pitch by having good fade and depth making it hard for hitters to make consistent contact. Matthews was able to control all 3 pitches making him an effective lefty on the mound. He will be a fun player to watch from the 2026 class. 


Will Colvin , 2026 C/OF/RHP
Hopped on the mound last night & showed a clean+repeatable operation that flowed down the mound. Patient over rubber , proper hip+shoulder sep. Long + loose AA from a 3/4 slot. Athletic! More velocity in the tank. Intriguing 2026. Fastball was 82-85 topping out at 86. The curveball was 68-70

Samford Halcomb, OF,  2025
Singles up the middle, hits a towering moonshot over the right field wall, and lastly smokes a triple in the right center gap. Talk about a day. Halcomb had a very solid bp round, shooting balls all over the place. A dual sport athlete playing baseball and football at North Gwinnett, his 60 time of 6.91 did not go unnoticed. He was flying around the outfield making plays left and right. Another standout from Halcomb was his hand and bat speed. It was among the top performers at the showcase and that definitely played a huge role to why he was so good against the very competitive pitching. Definitely one to follow through the summer.

Sam Martell, LHP/1B, 2025 
Uncommitted. 6-foot-3, 190-pounds. Wide Stance, leg-kick load. Sways his weight back before leg-kick load, which signals the hips + shoulders to rotate, hands move back before he locks his front leg, rips hands through the zone while keeping his barrel flat through the zone and squares the ball up on the sweet part of the bat out infront of the plate to destroy the ball into left-center field. He has that tall-man power where his legs, hips, and shoulders all come together to give him the power to drive the ball out of the field. He also looked really good in BP due to getting really hard contact on most of the pitches (96 EV). He is a good looking prospect that still has time to develop more strength throughout his frame.