PA Underclass Games Rosters Released

By Greg Williams
PA Director of Scouting

The 2015 PA Underclass Games will take place on June 23 and 24 at Tambur Field on the campus of Misericordia University. The event has allowed a host of young prospects to break onto the regional and national radar over the past three years.

This year's roster will showcase one of the strongest group of prospects in the event's four year existence. To view rosters from previous years and the 59 college commitments that have been made by prospects in attendance click on the following links.

2014 PA Underclass Games (5 commitments)
2013 PA Underclass Games (20 commitments)
2012 PA Underclass Games (34 commitments)


June 23:
9:00am  Red Team vs. White Team
1:00pm  Gold Team vs. Black Team

June 24: 
9:00am  Red Team vs. Gold Team
1:00pm  White Team vs. Black Team

* Players report 90 minutes prior to game time each day
* Live batting practice prior to each game on June 16
* 60 yard dash between games for both teams on June 16
* Defensive evaluations prior to each game on June 17

Red Team Position Class
White Team Position Class
Hutch Gagnon LHP - 6/24 2018
Adam Jeannette RHP/1B 2017
Shane Souchuck 1B/RHP 2017
Dillon Good 1B/RHP
Joe LaFiora LHP/1B 2018
Tyler Arnold MIF 2019
Tyler Frake MIF 2017
Jack Liberatore MIF/RHP 2017
Anton Rearick MIF 2017
Daniel Gonzalez MIF 2019
Kyle Rhoads MIF/OF 2019
Dante' Vaniel 3B/RHP 2016
Tristin Lockett RHP/MIF 2019
Sam Aslansan C/OF 2019
Kyler Fedko MIF/RHP 2018
Emmett McCauley C/2B 2018
Dan Stauffer C/3B 2017
Ben Mongelluzzo OF/RHP 2018
Hunter McGarvey C/3B 2018
Nick Picariello RHP/OF 2017
Nate Emerson OF
Luke Muller
OF 2018
Aaron Zechman RHP/OF 2016
Chase Bradley MIF
Dominic Verrastro C/OF
Gold Team Position Class
Black Team Position Class
Donnie Faux LHP - 6/24 2018
Jacob Kinsell RHP - 6/24
Trey Weaver 1B/LHP
Ryan Kutz 1B/RHP
Brad Dippold MIF/OF 2017
Greg Grandelli MIF/RHP 2016
Kyle Shingledecker MIF
Jarod Bingaman MIF 2018
Dominick Leuzzi MIF 2018
Justin Meyer MIF 2018
David Curreri MIF 2019
Cade Flanley 3B 2017
Max Alessi C/1B 2018
Kollin Henneman C/3B 2019
Cameron Petruso C/OF 2017
Bobby Whalen C/OF 2019
Michael Haley C/1B
Mark Seibert C/1B 2018
James Balogh RHP/OF 2018
Adam Morris OF/1B
Isaiah Lockette OF/RHP 2017
Nick Embleton RHP/OF 2019
Santino Nave' RHP/OF 2017
Austin Kunkel RHP/OF 2016
John Deenis
SS/RHP/OF 2019
Jordan Art OF/RHP 2017

pitching rotations

Tuesday 6/23 Red Team White Team Gold Team Black Team

Joe LaFiora (1-3)
Adam Jeannette (1-3)
Santino Nave' (1-2)
Austin Kunkel (1-3)

Tristin Lockett (4-6)
Dillon Good (4-6)
Isaiah Lockette (3-4)
Greg Grandelli (4-5)

Aaron Zechman (7-9)
Jack Liberatore (7-9)
John Deenis (5-6)
Justin Meyer (6-7)

Michael Haley (7-9)
Jordan Art (8-9)

Wedesday 6/24 Red Team White Team Gold Team Black Team

Hutch Gagnon (1-3)
Ben Mongelluzzo (1-3)
James Balogh (1-3)
Jacob Kinsell (1-3)

Kyler Fedko (4-6)
Nick Picariello (4-6)
Donnie Faux (4-6)
Nick Embleton (4-6)

Shane Souchuck (7-9)
Dante' Vaniel (7-9)
Trey Weaver (7-9)
Ryan Kutz (7-9)

Complete Summer Schedule of events:

Showcase State Date Location
2015 PA Top Prospect Games (INVITE ONLY) PA Jun 16-17 La Salle University
2015 PA Underclass Games (INVITE ONLY) PA Jun 23 -24 Misericordia University
2015 Western PA College Prospect Showcase PA Jun 30 Seton Hill University
2015 Eastern PA College Prospect Showcase PA Jul 1 Ephrata High School
Individual Player Evaluation (Year Round By Appointment) PA *** Keystone State Baseball Academy - Manheim, PA
2015 PBR Mid-Atlantic Border Battle (INVITE ONLY) PA Jul 21-22 Harford Community College (Bel Air, MD)
PBR Future Games Powered by Under Armour (Pennsylvania Invite Only) PA Jul 30-Aug 1 Grand Park, Westfield, IN
2015 WV Top Prospect Games (INVITE ONLY) PA Aug 8-9 YMCA Kennedy Center Field (Huntington, WV)