Exciting new Social Media feature is released

By Sean Duncan
Executive Director

We are excited to announce another new feature on the Prep Baseball Report website – a social media function that pertains to all coaches, recruiters, players, and players’ friends and family.

Now, at the top of every player’s profile, there is a blue Facebook icon that reads, Subscribe to Player Updates. If you are interested in following a specific player, you would click the Subscribe to Player Updates button.

After you subscribe, you will subsequently receive notifications on your Facebook Wall of any updates and changes to a player’s profile, which includes news stories, rankings, scouting reports, and any other related information on the player.

How it works is simple – and free.

You need to have a Facebook account. The first player you subscribe to, a Facebook popup widget will appear, which will ask you to go to PBR Feed. Then it will you ask you to accept Facebook to connect. Once you accept the Facebook request the first time, you will never have to do it again. From then on out, you will receive notifications on your Facebook wall on all the players you subscribe to. You are free to subscribe to as many player feeds as you want.

For college coaches, it is a quick and easy way to follow players of interest through his Prep Baseball Report profile.

For players and players’ friends and family, it is simple way to track your profile – assuming you have a Facebook account.

That’s not all.

Also in a player’s profile, you will see a Facebook Like, Facebook Post, and Twitter icons, which you can individually Like and/or Tweet out a specific profile. Again, only if you have a Facebook and/or Twitter account.