Prep Baseball Report

West Suburban Open: Quick Hits

By: Drew Locascio, Gavin Smith and Tyler Defibaugh
Illinois Staff

On Tuesday, June 27th the PBR Illinois team hosted the West Suburban Open at Lee Pfund Field in Carol Stream, IL. This open event was for all high school classes (2024-27), and gave our staff a chance to get a look at 30+ uncommitted prospects before the summer gets into full swing.

To see a list of those that attended, click here. For all of the statistics from this event, click here

Today, after compiling our notes and digesting the day as a whole, we’ve put together these ‘Quick Hits’ to shine some light on some of the day’s top performers. Below you’ll learn more about a few names-to-know from Tuesday’s trip to Lee Pfund Field.


One of the top prospects at the event was OF Nolan Ramoley (Brother Rice, 2026). Standing in an athletic and strong 6-foot-1, 185-pounds, Ramoley showed toolsy characteristics all across the board, beginning with a high-level, event best, 6.67 60-yard dash, showing off a powerful, intentful gait. The right-handed hitter followed up with an impressive, easy round of BP, staying controlled and on balance throughout. The path works naturally uphill and he creates advanced exit velocities off the bat, leading the event with a T98.4 mph. His furthest batted ball traveled 308’ and he recorded the second-highest average bat speed of the event at 75.9 mph. He rounded out his day moving around the outfield with easy, controlled strides and natural outfield actions. His arm played with minimal effort and topped at 89 mph. Emerging high-follow prospect in the Illinois 2026 class. 

Putting together perhaps the top performance on the mound on Tuesday was RHP Bryce Loeger (Conant, 2024). Ranked No. 72 in Illinois’ class of 2024 and measuring in at 6-foot-1, 207-pounds, Loeger looked the part as one of the top uncommitted arms in the class. Showcasing a four-pitch mix, Loeger impressed with his upper 80’s fastball (T2242 rpm) that topped out at 88.6 mph (event high) with armside run that played at the bottom of the zone. Loeger showed two different breaking balls with a 12/6 shaped curveball (T2445 rpm) landing for strikes and being the best of the breaking balls. His slider (T2605 rpm) had 10/4 shape and played well to the glove side. He rounded out his repertoire with a changeup (T1475 rpm) that had feel for the zone with fade to the armside, a potential out-pitch moving forward. Also, a high-level swimmer, Loeger is one of the top two-sport athletes in the class.

Another prospect heading out of Wheaton, a winner was INF Nehemiah Torres (Glenbrook North, 2026). Standing at a projectable, loose-limbed, 6-foot, 155-pounds, Torres showed a loose, fluid, right-handed swing that should continue to ascend as he adds strength to his developing frame. Defensively, Torres looks natural up the middle of the diamond, playing with body control, clean hands and an athletic arm that can play from multiple platforms. Upside 2026 to follow moving forward.  

RHP/OF Scott Scheffler (Hampshire, 2025) fills out the uniform with his 6-foot-1, 170-pound, athletic, high-waisted frame. Scheffler worked out as a two-way prospect but made the most noise on the mound. Scheffler’s delivery works smooth and athletically downhill, paired with a quick and compact ¾ slot. Scheffler displayed feel for a four-pitch mix with his fastball playing at 80-84 mph, topping at 85.1 mph with ride through the zone. Scheffler’s slider is the best of the offspeed, working 10/4 at 64-68 mph, consistently landing for strikes. His changeup flashed fade to the armside and feel for the zone. Also, ran 7.31 and showed strength in his right-handed swing, registering a max exit velocity of 90 mph.

C/INF Joey Gainer (St Francis, 2025) is a 5-foot-11, 180-pound, compact, right-handed hitting two-way prospect, who led the event with an average bat speed of 76.9 mph. It’s a quick, strong bat that plays uphill and he worked the middle of the field throughout his round, registering a T89.3 mph exit velocity. Behind the dish, he has a quick first step with a quick and clean transfer paired with an accurate arm that played at 75 mph from the crouch and a low pop time of 2.14. Showed equally as well on the infield, playing easy and low to the ground. Multi-positional prospect to follow moving forward.

6-foot-1, 192-pound, well-proportioned, broad-shouldered, infielder Jake Williams (Wheaton North, 2025) left his first-ever PBR event as a name to know. The right-handed hitter provided some of the loudest contact of the event; T95.6 mph (second highest at the event) and a max distance of 350’ (event best). On the infield, Williams displayed clean actions with an accurate arm. 

Right-handed hitting outfielder Ryan Fostiak (Wauconda, 2025), stands in an athletic 5-foot-10, 180-pound build. Fostiak ran a 7.02 in the 60-yard dash and showed a simple approach, driving line drives to both gaps. He recorded a max exit velocity of 91.8 mph and a max distance of 320’. From the outfield, he attacked the ball with intent and showed a clean and quick arm with some strength (82 mph max) on throws to home.

RHP Kosta Kokos (William Fremd, 2024) stands at 6-foot, 184-pounds, and he showed well on the bump for our staff. An athletic delivery from the right side that works downhill with a whippy and fluid arm that comes out of a ¾ slot. Kokos navigated a three-pitch mix at the event with his fastball working 82-83 mph with armside run at times. Kokos’ curveball had 12/6 shape and played at the bottom of the zone, with the changeup fading to the arm-side with downer action.

RHP/3B Owen Walsh (St. Ignatius, 2025) was another two-way prospect at the event who showed his best stuff on the mount. Works with a side-step delivery that has athleticism to it downhill combined with a quick and compact ¾ arm slot. Walsh worked with a fastball/slider mix, with the fastball sitting in the low 80’s, topping at 82.5 mph. Walsh’s slider played well off of the fastball with 10/4 shape, working down in the zone, at 71-73 mph (average of 2285 rpm) showing out-pitch characteristics.

RHP Chase Dykstra (Fulton, 2026) was one of the more impressive underclassmen on the mound Tuesday. Dykstra displayed a three-pitch mix and a feel for the zone with each pitch. His fastball topped out at 81.2 mph with a four-seam profile. His curveball had 11/5 shape and he was able to land it for strikes. Dykstra rounded out his arsenal with a circle-change that flashed downer action in the zone. 

Currently ranked No. 41 in the class of 2025 rankings for the state of Illinois, RHP/INF Madden Johnson (Mattoon, 2025) impressed on the mound Tuesday. Johnson’s fastball sat 81-83 mph with armside run. His slider had sweeping action to it at times that landed for strikes, and his changeup had armside run and was located at the bottom of the zone.

Standing at a physically-imposing, 6-foot-6, 210-pounds, OF CJ Regillio (Crystal Lake South, 2024) filled up the stat sheet, running a 6.84 laser-timed 60, registered a max exit velocity of 92.5 mph and launched his furthest batted ball 349’. He also topped at 80 mph from the outfield.

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