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The Georgia Dugout Club Tournament Scout Blog provides insider information and scouting notes from the PBR Scouting Staff during the first weekend of the event. This running blog will feature information on underclass prospects, unsigned seniors, draft prospects, and anything else that is notable from the John DeVore Division and Harry Lloyd Division, who played on Fields 15 & 16. We will provide a wide range of information, including player evaluations, velocities, pop times, home to first times, and more. Simply put, the GDC Scout Blog is loaded with information …

John DeVore Division


Brett Blomquist, C/RHP, Allatoona, 2021
6-foot-2 170-pounds. Uncommitted 2-way player. Stocky athletic frame, played third base then came into relieve on the mound. Mixes up his arm angles, FB was 83-84 from the over the top slot. Stuck with the FB mostly, stayed down the zone and threw strikes. Great candidate to carry a good amount of innings in relief. Gets really good back leg drive.
Hunter Paulsen, LHP, Allatoona, 2021
6-foot-1 180-pounds.Well built, athletic frame with a simple delivery. Heavy arm-side run makes the FB at 78-81 much more effective. The SL has really good spin, can throw it any count. He throws in on RHH’s really well, the slider sawed off a number of guys in the order. Seems to be very consistent from each outing. The velo will come with time. The clean arm, and delivery projects really well.
Ethan Sutton, 3B/C, Allatoona, 2023
6-foot-2 185-pounds.One of the top 2023’s in the state. Mature, athletic frame and plays the game way above his age. Has a plan, and executes at the plate. Picks the front foot up and down, and lets his hands do the work. Does not try to do much at the plate. Looks confident over at 3B. A high follow player for the spring.
Fisher Paulsen, LHP, Allatoona, 2021
5-foot-11, 180-pound left-handed pitcher, strong, proportional build, has really hit the weight room over the past few months, adding close to 20 pounds of muscle to his frame since the first time we saw him early last summer. Has been a consistent performer every look we have gotten on him. Arm works short and clean with quick arm speed to a high ¾ slot. Has previously been up to 87 mph, sat 81-84 on Saturday, but it is early in the season, so the velocity will come with more outings and warmer weather. Slider was its classic self, two-plane break at 73-77, swing and miss type, has great feel for, can pitch to both sides of the plate with. Throws a high volume of strikes.
William Mosley, 3B/RHP, Allatoona, 2022
One of the state’s top ranked 2022s, 5-foot-11, 185-pound right-handed hitting two-way prospect, broad frame with strength throughout, as he continues to physically develop, his overall strength is going to be a major factor and create high level power in all facets of his game. At the plate, he is balanced and loads his weight and hands back smoothly. Takes powerful hacks with quick hands, his strength is obvious as the ball flies off his bat. On the mound, arm plays short and quick through an over-the-top slot, really uses his lower lower half. Fastball sat 86-88, came in heavy. Used sparingly, showed a sharp 12/6 curveball at 72 mph, has the makings of a swing and miss type pitch. High follow prospect.

Narvin Booker, OF, Lithonia, 2021
5-foot-6, 160 pounds. Hits from athletic, open stance. Slight downhill swing. Puts good swings on ball and does not get cheated. Made one of the highlight defensive plays on the weekend by throwing a runner out at the plate from CF on a single up the middle.

Jackson County

Spencer Muffuletto, SS, Jackson County, 2023
5-foot-6, 120 pounds. Showed to belong on the Varsity level as Muffuletto looked anything but apprehensive in the field and at the plate. Started at SS and hit out of the leadoff spot. Showed range in the infield, making routine plays with ease. Also showed ability to field a backhand in the 6-hole and finish the play with a strong throw. At the plate, uses the whole field and looks to drive the baseball. Made hard contact to the opposite field multiple times. A solid overall player to watch as his high school career blossoms.

North Springs

Jake Streeter, 3B, North Springs, 2022
6-foot, 186-pound right-handed hitting third baseman, lanky frame with lean strength, looks like he has leaned out his frame with good muscle since we last some in the fall, adding over 10 pounds to his frame. Has a balance setup with the barrel resting on his shoulder, loads hands back with some barrel wrap. Although the barrel wrap adds some length to his swing, his hands are quick and strong enough where he can get the barrel level to the zone for square contact. Have consistently seen him be able to feast on high pitches, driving the ball gap-to-gap with force.
Harry Lloyd Division


Bryce Hale, RHP, Whitewater, 2021
6-foot-1 188-pounds. Stocky frame, came in and showed a few strong innings in relief. Showed confidence, and toughness pitching with his team down by 5. FB was 80-82. Over the top arm action, worked down the mound, and used his lower half well. Could really spin the CB at 66-67. Used it in any count, and buried it when he needed to.

Colton Webb, RHP, Troup, 2021
6-foot 185-pounds 2-way uncommitted player. Showed a ton of competitiveness, strong mound presence, and good tempo. Threw 3 shutout innings, and worked out of a couple tough situations. Stayed  under control, and composed with runners in scoring position. FB was 80-82, CB 65-67, and CH 73-74. Could throw all 3 for strikes. Smooth delivery with a strong/violent finish with good pull down and high spin on the FB. Showed well at the plate, batting in the 4-hole. Good all around, gritty ball player.
Luke Purnell, OF, Troup, 2020
6-foot 200-pounds. Strong, compact frame. Plays the game hard, and fast. Showed power in the swing with 2 HR’s on the weekend. Stays in the lower half, and gets good rotation with the hips. Hits inside pitches really well. Solid defender in the OF. Gets good jumps and reads on the ball. Will be a threat in the middle of the order for Troup this season.

Upson Lee

Jake Willis, RHP, Upson Lee, 2021
6-foot-2 185-pounds. Kennesaw State Commit. Filled out, athletic frame looked really strong. Earned MV-Pitcher for the tournament. Went 5 innings for a no-hitter and 11k’s. FB was up to 87 in the first. Played at 83-85 most of the game. Saw he could dominate with the FB, so he was letting it go as much. Did not have to throw the SL much, it was 72-73 when he did. Super clean and effortless delivery. Will be a 90+ arm in the years to come. Messed with timing some in the delivery, and was really effective.
Logan Spivey , RHP, Upson Lee, 2021
6-foot-4, 200 pounds; prototypical starter build. Very impressive on the mound. Everything Spivey did was with minimal effort. The lanky, full arm motion worked very well and clean. Fastball sat 85-86 with steep angle and slight run. Mixed in a 12/6 breaking ball that is still developing, but good enough to keep opposing hitters guessing. An arm to follow that has more in the tank.
Austin Hendricks, MIF/RHP, Upson Lee, 2021
5-foot-10, 160-pound left-handed hitting middle infielder and right-handed pitcher, athletically built. On the mound, short arm action to a low ¾ slot, above average arm speed. Fastball sat 80-83 with armside run, plays well with slot and arm action, ran under right-handed hitters' hands. Slider, sweeping action, 70-71. At the plate, starts with weight loaded on back-side, short hand load back, keeps the swing short to the zone, line drive type hitter.

Cedar Grove

Jamarcus Stroud, 3B/RHP, Cedar Grove, 2020
5-foot-11 180-pounds. Athletic 2-way player. Saw him play 3rd and get up on the mound. Short, stocky frame with power throughout. Squared up a few balls that showed he had some pop in the swing.Tough out in the line-up. He was a threat on the bases, and looked to advance on balls in the dirt.  Looked for FB, and did not miss his pitch when it was thrown. FB was 70-73. Forced contact, and made them swing the bat.

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