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Georgia Dugout Club Tournament Preview - Week 1

Phil Kerber
Georgia Scouting Director

The first weekend of the  annual Georgia Dugout Club Tournament comes to LakePoint Sports in Emerson, GA on Feb. 14 and 15th. The event brings together 32 schools from across the entire state of Georgia, many of whom are highly regarded for their historical success and present talent. Today, we will preview the eight pods, complete with schools, location, time, and prospects to watch.

Joe Lattanzi Division

Field 9 - Schedule
Date Time Home
2/14 5:30 PM No. 10 North Paulding vs No. 21 Blessed Trinity
  8:00 PM Tattnall Square vs No. 3 Houston County
2/15 12:00 PM Tattnall Square vs No. 10 North Paulding
  2:30 PM Tattnall Square vs No. 21 Blessed Trinity
  5:00 PM No. 3 Houston County vs No. 10 North Paulding
  7:30 PM No. 3 Houston County vs No. 21 Blessed Trinity
Prospects to Watch
Catchers: C Grayson Taylor (North Paulding, 2022) 
Outfielders: OF Treyson Hughes (Houston County, 2021) OF Trey Baker (Blessed Trinity, 2020) OF Ethan Lecca (North Paulding, 2021), OF/RHP Cooper Milford (Blessed Trinity, 2023), OF/3B Drew Burress (Houston County, 2023), OF Brett McHugh (Tattnall Square, 2020), OF Carter Fink (Tattnall Square, 2021)
Infielders: SS/RHP Mitchell Heer (North Paulding, 2021), INF Marco Colina (North Paulding, 2020)
Pitchers: RHP Dawson Brown (Tattnall Square, 2020), LHP/OF Jaden Woods (Houston County, 2020), RHP/CIF Brodie Chestnutt (Houston County, 2021), RHP/3B Brooks Gorman (Tattnall Square, 2020), RHP/1B DJ Radtke (Blessed Trinity, 2021), LHP Coleman Willis (Houston County, 2021), RHP Dominic Marcoccio (Blessed Trinity, 2020), LHP Dylan Rhadans (North Paulding, 2021), LHP Jake Hembree (North Paulding, 2023), RHP Evan Maddox (North Paulding, 2021), RHP Jake Lankie (Blessed Trinity, 2023), RHP Aiden McSherry (Blessed Trinity, 2020), RHP Hunter Alexander (Tattnall Square, 2021)

Julian Mock Division

Field 10 - Schedule
Date Time Home
2/14 5:30 No. 20 East Paulding vs No. 24 Walton
  8:00 Newnan vs Benedictine
2/15 12:00 Benedictine vs No. 20 East Paulding
  2:30 Benedictine vs No. 24 Walton
  5:00 Newnan vs No. 20 East Paulding
  7:30 Newnan vs No. 24 Walton
Prospects to Watch
Catchers: C Jared "Bear" Jones (Walton, 2022), UTL Andrew Pendelton (East Paulding, 2020)
Outfielders: OF Jett Lovett (Newnan, 2021), OF Justin Thomas (Benedictine, 2022)
Infielders: SS Kristian Campbell (Walton, 2021), SS/RHP Trent Reddick (East Paulding, 2021), SS Thomas Collins (Newnan, 2020), MIF Ben Anderson (Walton, 2020), 3B Eli Studdard (East Paulding, 2020), SS Rome Dean (Benedictine, 2020), SS Kameron Edge (Benedictine, 2022)
Pitchers: LHP/OF Jackson Phipps (East Paulding, 2020), LHP Carter Holton (Benedictine, 2021) RHP Cooper Haseley (Walton, 2020), RHP/1B Clayton Greene (Benedictine, 2020)

EE “Red” Whitsett Division

Field 11 - Schedule
Date Time Home
2/14 5:30 PM Kell vs Redan
  8:00 PM Cambridge vs No. 16 Starr's Mill
2/15 12:00 PM Kell vs Cambridge
  2:30 PM Kell vs No. 16 Starr's Mill
  5:00 PM Redan vs Cambridge
  7:30 PM Redan vs No. 16 Starr's Mill
Prospects to Watch
Catchers: C Sean White (Starr's Mill, 2021), C Brandon Lawrence (Redan, 2020), C Cody Rech (Cambridge)
Outfielders: OF Brad Grenkoski (Kell, 2020), OF Thad Ector (Starr's Mill, 2021), OF Jason Avila (Redan, 2022), OF Branden Lamback (Redan, 2020), OF Ryan Todd (Cambridge, 2020)
Infielders: INF Chay Yeager (Starr's Mill, 2021), INF Ryder Wagenknecht (Starr's Mill, 2021), 3B Kiobel Lugo (Redan, 2020), SS TC Rushin (Redan, 2020)
Pitchers: RHP/INF Eli Jones (Starr's Mill, 2021), RHP Donye Evans (Redan, 2020), RHP Casey Young (Cambridge, 2020), RHP Nicholas Armstrong (Cambridge, 2020), RHP Alexander Armstrong (Cambridge, 2020)

Jim Luck Division

Field 12 - Schedule
Date Time Home
2/14 5:30 PM No. 9 Decatur vs Carrollton
  8:00 PM Northgate vs Lassiter
2/15 12:00 PM No. 9 Decatur vs Northgate
  2:30 PM No. 9 Decatur vs Lassiter
  5:00 PM Carrollton vs Northgate
  7:30 PM Carrollton vs Lassiter
Prospects to Watch
Catchers: C Garrett Madliak (Carrollton, 2021)
Outfielders: OF Joshua Tate (Northgate, 2022), OF Marshall Toole (Decatur, 2021), OF Adam Love (Lassiter, 2020)
Infielders: INF/RHP Jordan Walker (Decatur, 2020), MIF/RHP Jaylen Paden (Decatur 2020), 3B Donovan Cash (Northgate, 2020) UTL Brady Jones (Decatur), UTL Cole Turner (Decatur, 2021), SS Parker Willis (Carrollton, 2021), SS/RHP Elliot Vickery (Northgate, 2020), SS Christian Dyer (Northgate, 2020)
Pitchers: RHP Samuel Simpson (Carrollton, 2021), LHP/OF Eli Runyan (Carrollton, 2021), LHP Colton Cosper (Carrollton, 2021), RHP Reid Fagerstrom (Northgate, 2020) RHP Eddie Galatas (Decatur, 2020), RHP Ian Mayes (Lassiter, 2020), RHP Ryder Willard (Northgate, 2020), RHP Geoffrey Watkins (Lassiter, 2020)

Bud Theodocian Division

Field 13 - Schedule
Date Time Home
2/14 5:30 PM George Walton vs Campbell
  8:00 PM Union Grove vs Creekview
2/15 12:00 PM George Walton vs Union Grove
  2:30 PM George Walton vs Creekview
  5:00 PM Campbell vs Union Grove
  7:30 PM Campbell vs Creekview
Prospects to Watch
Catchers: C Dominic Elam (Union Grove, 2022)
Outfielders: UTL/RHP Michael Herrmann (Campbell, 2021), OF Kyle Johnson (Creekview, 2020), OF Carson Huber (Union Grove, 2021), OF Cam Suto (Union Grove, 2021)
Infielders: SS Ty Kaufman (Union Grove, 2020), INF Garrett DeHart (Campbell, 2022), 3B Josh Wood (Creekview, 2020)
Pitchers: RHP/SS Michael Braswell (Campbell, 2020), LHP Andrew Herrmann (Campbell, 2021), RHP Xavier Williams (Campbell, 2020), RHP Koby Dunn (George Walton, 2020), LHP/1B Ben Howard (George Walton, 2020), RHP/OF Joey Pourron (Union Grove, 2020), RHP John Zarzycki (Creekview, 2020)

Rob English Division

Field 14 - Schedule
Date Time Home
2/14 5:30 PM Kennesaw Mountain vs Trinity Christian
  8:00 PM Sequoyah vs Dunwoody
2/15 12:00 PM Kennesaw Mountain vs Sequoyah
  2:30 PM Kennesaw Mountain vs Dunwoody
  5:00 PM Trinity Christian vs Sequoyah
  7:30 PM Trinity Christian vs Dunwoody
Prospects to Watch
Catchers: C Henry Gies (Dunwoody, 2020), C Brady Anderson (Trinity Christian, 2020), C Reece Schwickerath (Kennesaw Mountain, 2020), C Hunter Long (Sequoyah, 2021)
Outfielders: OF Jayce Blalock (Trinity Christian, 2022), OF Will Fincher (Kennesaw Mountain, 2022), OF Kenskey Thomas (Sequoyah, 2022), OF Tyler Eith (Dunwoody, 2020), OF Austin Tineda (Sequoyah, 2020)
Infielders: 3B/RHP Sammy Sparks (Kennesaw Mountain, 2020), 1B CJ Whaley (Kennesaw Mountain, 2021), INF Logan Jackson (Kennesaw Mountain, 2020), SS David Julian (Dunwoody, 2020),
Pitchers: RHP Shep Hancock (Trinity Christian, 2020), RHP Ryne Oria (Kennesaw Mountain, 2020), RHP/OF Brady Schwickerath (Kennesaw Mountain, 2020), RHP Colin Koprowski (Sequoyah, 2020)

John DeVore Division

Field 15 - Schedule
Date Time Home
2/14 5:30 PM No. 5 Allatoona vs Lithonia
  8:00 PM Jackson County vs North Springs
2/15 12:00 PM No. 5 Allatoona vs Jackson County
  2:30 PM No. 5 Allatoona vs North Springs
  5:00 PM Lithonia vs Jackson County
  7:30 PM Lithonia vs North Springs
Prospects to Watch
Catchers: C/RHP Brett Blomquist (Allatoona, 2021), C/3B/RHP William Mosley (Allatoona, 2022)
Outfielders: OF Simon Aluko (Allatoona, 2020), OF Hayden Soley (Allatoona, 2021)
Infielders: SS Taylor Shultz (Allatoona, 2022), 1B/C Aidan Jolley (Allatoona, 2022), 2B Carter McWilliams (Allatoona, 2020), MIF Simon Gersten (North Springs, 2021), 3B Jake Streeter (North Springs, 2022)
Pitchers: RHP Logan McGuire (Allatoona, 2021), LHP/OF Fisher Paulsen (Allatoona, 2021), LHP/OF Hunter Paulsen (Allatoona, 2021), RHP/OF/3B Ethan Sutton (Allatoona, 2023), LHP/OF Buck Olson (North Springs, 2021), RHP/3B Dylan Reid (North Springs, 2022), RHP/OF Ayden Griswold (Jackson County, 2021), RHP/INF Grant Hardegree (Jackson County, 2020), RHP/OF Tyler Zipfel (Jackson County, 2020)

Harry Lloyd Division

Field 16 - Schedule
Date Time Home
2/14 5:30 PM Whitewater vs Troup
  8:00 PM Upson-Lee vs Cedar Grove
2/15 12:00 PM Cedar Grove vs Troup
  2:30 PM Upson-Lee vs Troup
  5:00 PM Cedar Grove vs Whitewater
  7:30 PM Upson-Lee vs Whitewater
Prospects to Watch
Catchers: C Ben McDaniel (Upson-Lee, 2020), C/INF/RHP Colton Webb (Troup, 2021)
Outfielders: OF Maddox Mueller (Whitewater, 2020), OF Cade Garner (Troup, 2020)
Infielders: SS Zach Leischner (Whitewater, 2020), SS Turner Maddox (Upson-Lee, 2020) INF Austin Hendricks (Upson-Lee, 2021), INF/C Caleb McCurry (Troup, 2020), 1B Ty Rechtorovic (Upson-Lee)
Pitchers: LHP Camron Hill (Whitewater, 2021), RHP Chandler Tillman (Whitewater, 2020) RHP Austen Millians (Whitewater, 2021), RHP Kaden Lewis (Whitewater, 2020), RHP Jake Willis (Upson-Lee, 2021)

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