PBR Junior Future Games: Team Georgia Workout Notes

Phil Kerber & Justin Goetz
Georgia Staff

EMERSON, GA - The 9th Annual PBR Jr. Future Games kicked off Tuesday afternoon with a pro-style workout involving all three of Team Georgia. Today, we are going to look at a fraction of prospects who caught our eye. Over the next few days we will have even more insights into the roster with game recaps and scout notes.

This event runs in conjunction with the PBR Future Games. The Future Games features the top uncommitted players in the Class of 2024 and 2025 from across the Prep Baseball Report’s 40+ state coverage area. It is one of the most highly recruited events of the summer and attracts more than 300 college coaches from across the country each year.

Quick Hits

C Branson Crawford (Gainesville, 2026) has advanced actions throughout. Athletically built at 5-foot-8, 150-pounds with lean strength and twitch. Crawford showed an explosiveness at the plate during batting practice, driving balls gap-to-gap. He has present bat speed and whips the barrel through the zone with aggressive intent. Defensively, Crawford is outstanding. The arm strength is advanced, posting a 78 mph top throw from the crouch. His athleticism also shines with quick exchanges and fluid footwork, putting up a best pop time of 1.88.

One of the top left-handed bats of the day, OF/LHP Matthew Kerrigan (Valwood Prep, 2026) did not go unnoticed as he worked out with Team Florida on Tuesday. The 6-foot, 150-pound two-way prospect has an easy effort swing that works short to the zone and extended with lag through the zone. Kerrigan consistently gets into a balanced hitting position that allows him to drive the ball gap-to-gap. A 7.10 runner, it is easy to see the athletic and power projection in the young frame.
LHP/OF Mason Corsaro (Lambert, 2026) showed off one of the easier swings of the day. Balanced, he keeps it simple throughout with a short load and toe tap stride. The barrel works short and level to the zone, easy extension. Consistently sent line drives back up the middle. Corsaro will also be one to closely watch this week on the mound, as he has shown in the past to have some of the top pitch ability in the class.

RHP/SS Reece Grodeman (Rome, 2026) had one of the most impressive overall days. Standing 6-foot-3, 155-pounds, Grodeman is ultra projectable, high-waisted and lanky. A left-handed hitter, he drove the ball with backspin to the pull-side, creating some of the harvest contact we saw all afternoon, 86 EV. What really stood out though was the pure arm strength. Grodeman’s arm works short and loose with easy carry across the infield, clocking in at 86.

Toolsy OF Tyler VanSumeren (Tift County, 2026) makes everything look easy in all facets of the game. His sweet lefty path makes for consistent gap to gap barrels, and showed he can impact the baseball better than most his age with an 86 EV. Hips are the engine of the swing. Timed up separation, barrel raises+angles into launch @ exact pace of stride. Base doubles at landing, head centered. Knob led path due to back elbow tuck, barrel angle late. His bat speed and lengthy frame for his height project raw power. He was upper 70’s from OF with an athletic, full circle arm action and looks to be an A/AVG or better runner in the future with a 7.4 60. Good makeup and personality.

SS Cam Jackson (Georgia Premier, 2026) is one of the most projectable in the country at his position for ‘26. An incredibly vast skill set for his age -  he not only has the tools but the intangibles as well. Instincts, baseball IQ, bat to ball skills, and plate discipline. Cam impressed in BP today w/ ability to aggressively rotate & maintain balance in lengthy frame both sides of plate. His inside-out approach from both sides takes away the outer edge for pitchability arms and its tough to beat him in. This will lead to him hitting for a high average, and his patience will get him on base consistently where he can use his future plus speed to manufacture runs. Very confident player.
Every bit of SS Diego DeJesus (Parkview, 2026) actions at the plate scream pure hitter. It's a
simple, advanced swing mech work in sequence. DeJesus has consistent hip pace, balance, gradual separation. The shoulders work quietly south 2 load hands for him & rotate smoothly north near landing, creating connection+lag+loft. Not only does he have rare swing mechanics for his age -  he’s got innate timing, ability to recognize spin, and hand eye coordination. He rarely chases pitches out of the zone, and seeing him swing & miss his pitch is like seeing a unicorn. He produced consistent barrels in the low 80’s up to 84 EV. Dejesus also ran a 7.4 and showed advanced actions at SS coupled with a mid 70’s arm.

Acrobatic SS
Amari Reynolds (Sam Barlow, 2027) not only impressed in BP, but spent about an hour at the #6 position snagging rocket after rocket having the time of his life. He moves very well laterally and has an amazing feel to push thru the ball on his backhand. Has impressive ability to maintain balance & footwork, and can position his body well for accurate throws from all angles on tough plays. The 5 foot 7, 125 pounder creates easy momentum w/ hips & takes pressure off hands by gaining ground explosively. He gets front side leverage by good lower half tempo and staying strong with slight bend on his land leg. Hands+elbows work close to body in path allowing twitch to take over. Exciting follow, future speedster!

C Robert Vance Bock (North Gwinnett, 2026) is a strong handed beast who had easily some of the best raw power on field 13 today. It's more pull side juice for big backspin but he will possess equally as much power to the right center gap as he learns to angle his hips & shoulders late in stride (just before landing). Right now they’re more often mis hits that he has to let get deep to go oppo, but he keeps his hands inside the baseball well. It’s a really smooth, repeatable leg kick and the swing works very well in sequence. Love how easily he flows in & out of launch position. You can tell he hits every day. He showed a very strong arm for his age behind the plate, turning in 77 mph velo with 2.12-2.20 pop. He’s a solid receiver who works at his craft and will improve there year by year. 

Colton Sweat (West Forsyth, 2026) was a favorite of many on Tuesday’s workout day. He shows quiet confidence on both sides of the ball. At the plate, he is relaxed with an athletic base from the right-side that produced easy gap-to-gap shots. The power will only continue to emerge as he fills out his 5-foot-9, 150-pound frame. There are no questions in his chances of staying up the middle long term either. Sweat is advanced.

Kamden Jenkins (Pickens, 2026) produced consistent loud contact to the pull-side during his batting practice round. Jenkins showed an active lower half and rhythm. He created leverage to lift and drive the ball with force. Aggressive intent behind each swing. Big power potential as he continues to mature.

Eli Primm (Jefferson, 2027) had some of the best swings of the day, regardless of grad class. The right-handed hitter has an athletic setup and smooth rhythm. He showed advanced bat speed and the ability to consistently get extended through the zone. Primm sprayed the ball to all fields, and with power. Exciting prospect of the future.

There were not many rounds of batting practice more impressive than 3B/RHP
Brodie Campbell (Newnan, 2027). The 6-foot, 150-pound left-handed hitter wore out right field hard, driven contact, 89 EV. His hands are athletic and operate fluidly through the zone with speed.

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