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Preseason All-State Showcase: Corner Infielder Analysis

By Steve Nielsen
Scouting Director - Illinois

As we continue our analysis of the Preseason All-State Showcase today we bring you the corner infielders. The corner infield group brought us a stable of big bodies that showed powerful bats. Luke Morgan stood out as the top corner infielder showing advanced athleticism and hands at third base, all while being able to control his body well and throw on the move.

Here’s how we broke down and ranked the top corner infielders at the Preseason All-State Showcase.

Top Corner Infielders

1. Luke Morgan, Lincoln-Way West HS, RHP/3B, Class of 2014
The 6-foot-2, 170-pound Morgan should become one of the most heavily recruited prospects in Illinois’ 2014 class, for the simple fact that he is undoubtedly a legitimate two-way prospect at the next level. To be clear, Morgan was a top 30 prospect heading into the event, but he solidified himself as a high-level player in the Midwest. On the mound, the right-hander has excellent feel and command of three pitches. His delivery is simple, clean and athletic. He’s short on the backside and hides the ball well. His fastball sat in the 84-86 range, but topped at 90 mph on his final pitch. Previously, we saw Morgan at 86-88. His changeup, too, has the potential to be a go-to out-pitch, as it sat at 79 mph with arm-side sink. He threw his 74-75 mph curveball with confidence as well. Defensively, Morgan has the hands, feet and arm to play third base at the next level. He moves well laterally, plays through the baseball and, ultimately, showed true third base actions. He was clocked at 82 mph across the infield. Offensively, he is short, quick and quiet to the baseball. Morgan, who ran a 7.20 60, demonstrated solid bat speed with a level path, resulting in consistent line drives.

2. Reed Rogers, Normal West HS, 3B/RHP, Class of 2014
Large build, large frame, shows strength, 6-foot-4, 225-pound two way player. Offensively hits for power, stance is balanced, load is smooth and stride is short. Fluid rhythm, well above average bat speed, 90 mph exit velocity from the tee. Bat has pop, lower half works aggressively, hits off back side, hard contact, squared the baseball up regularly with authority. Defensively hands work well, feet lack quickness, arm action work from an over the top slot, 77 mph across the diamond. Projects as a power hitting first baseman at the next level.

3. Zach Serna, Palatine HS, 3B, Class of 2014
Athletic body, 5-foot-10, 175-pound third baseman. Arm plays well across the diamond, shows carry, 82 mph across the diamond. Hands work well, shows the ability to play third base at a consistent level, moves well laterally, hands are reliable. Runs 7.28 in the 60. Offensively hits from a narrow stance, dives over the baseball. Shows barrel awareness, creates extension, hits off front foot some, long high finish. 83 mph exit velocity from the tee.

4. Tyler Hasper, Waubonsie Valley HS, RHP/3B, Class of 2014
A year ago, we saw the 6-foot, 180-pound Hasper at 77-79 mph. That certainly wasn’t the case at the Preseason All-State Showcase. The two-way prospect enjoyed an all-around impressive showing. On the mound, he showed a lively fastball that sat at 87-88 mph with some sink. He also throws a firm 80-81 mph changeup and flashed an occasional sharp 12/6 breaking ball in the 69-72 range. He is choppy in delivery with some effort, but his arm works fast and there is considerable deception throughout. In the field, his arm plays equally as well. He showcased the top infield arm at the event, clocking in at 88 mph from third base. He also ran a 7.35 60.

5. Grant Greeno, Glenbard West HS, LHP/1B, Class of 2014
Athletic left handed two way player, strong build, strong lower half, 6-foot-2, 190-pounds. On the mound delivery shows ease and little effort, excellent balance and repeatability, smooth rhythm. Arm works loosely from the left side, operates from ¾ arm slot. Fastball has run, sneaky quick, 77-78 mph, flashed 79 mph, showed command. Slider has sweeping action on a 10/4 plane, thrown with near fastball arm speed, 67-68 mph. Changeup has fading action, 66-67 mph, stays arm side with location. Defensively shows excellent athleticism around the bag, soft hands, feet work well. Offensively hits from the left side, slightly open stance, short stride with slight leg lift, arm bar load. Bat path is short, shows consistent barrel awareness. Swing shows fluid rhythm, pull side approach, lacks backside, needs to finish swing.

5. Michael Bainbridge, Marian Catholic HS, 3B/RHP, Class of 2014
6-foot-1, 185-pound left handed hitting two way player. On the mound fastball shows runs, 80-82 mph, touching 83 mph. Curveball has 12/6 break, gradual action, some depth, lacked control, 69-70 mph. Changeup has feel, showed control at 72-73 mph. Left handed hitter, rhythm hitter, one piece swing, creates lift, hard contact, 89 mph exit velocity from the tee.

Best of the Rest (Listed Alphabetically)

Tommy Flahaven, Prospect HS, 3B/SS, Class of 2014
6-foot, 175-pound infielder. Defensively shows soft hands, footwork is fluid, exchange is quick and clean. Arm plays well across the diamond, plays with accuracy, 77 mph. Runs well, 7.01 runner. Offensively hits from open stance, lacks rhythm. Line drive hitter, stays flat, works everything to the opposite field, 83 mph exit velocity.

William Kincanon, Riverside Brookfield HS, RHP, Class of 2014
Athletic frame, wide shoulder, 6-foot-2, 185 pound right handed pitcher. Delivery shows effort. Arm works quickly from a high ¾ arm slot, loose arm action. Fastball has hard run, thrown for strikes, some explosiveness, 83-85 mph, touching 86 mph. Curveball, has late sharp action, works on 11/5 plane, shows the ability to throw for strikes. Change up has feel, keeps it down, showed consistency at the bottom of the zone, shows arm side run, aggressive arm speed, 72-74 mph. Kincanon also showcased as a first baseman. He hits from an open stance, shows some bat speed. Bat paths shows some extension, works mainly to his pull side, displays some pop to his pull side.

Sean Leland, Sandburg HS, RHP/1B, Class of 2014
Long, lanky frame, athletic build, 6-foot-5, 195-pound two way player. Project well on the mound. Delivery shows regular effort, some rhythm, good direction and square landing. Arm action is long and loose, shows arm speed, operates from a ¾ arm slot. Fastball has run and sink, shows a slightly heavy feel, good command at the bottom of the zone, 84-85 mph. Slider has sweeping action, pitch has high ceiling, thrown from fastball window, shows control, 72-75 mph. Changeup has sinking action, thrown near fastball arm speed, 75-79 mph. Highly projectable right handed pitcher who shows upside for three pitches. Offensively hits from a slightly open stance, bat wrap load. Bat path flattens out, 85 mph exit velocity from the tee.

Elijah McKinnis, Morgan Park HS, RHP/3B, Class of 2014
5-foot-11, 180-pound two way player. On the mound works from a high ¾ arm slot, moderate arm speed, short arm action. Fastball features consistent run, thrown with command, 78-80 mph. Curveball thrown at 72-74 mph. Features splitter at 71 mph with some feel and depth. Defensively shows athletic feet, 7.18 runner. Arm lacks carry, 75 mph across the diamond. At the plate hits from a slightly open stance, short stride, good balance throughout. Shows occasional bat speed, strong upper body generates occasional pop.

Mike Rothmund, Willowbrook HS, 1B, Class of 2014
Large frame, 6-foot-5, 215-pound first baseman. Defensively, arm plays, 77 mph across the diamond. Solid hands, footwork lacks quickness, 7.53 60 runner. Offensively, hits from a wide stance, uses short stride, dives some, heel lift closes off front side. Bat speed present, 86 mph exit velocity from the tee, shows gap to gap pop, aggressive swing, good balance throughout.

Cal Smith, Sandburg HS, 1B, Class of 2014
Big strong body, 6-foot-4, 220-pound first baseman. Arm plays well from first base, 73 mph across the diamond, displays the ability to be accurate. Offensively hits from a tall stance, simple pre pitch setup, bat rest on shoulder, lift to load. Swing is bottom hand dominant, 75 mph exit velocity from the tee, shows some strength at the plate.

Logan Talkington, North Mac HS, 1B, Class of 2014
Strong build, large frame, 6-foot-5, 230-pound left handed hitting two way player. Offensively hits from the left side, closed stance. Lower half works aggressively, some over rotation. Violent swing path, swings aggressively with power. Pull side approach, some lift, lacks barrel awareness, potential for big left handed power bat. Defensively shows some arm strength across the diamond, 77 mph from first base, some stiffness. On the mound fastball sits 81-82 mph, curveball has gradual 12/6 bend, 58-65 mph. Also throws changeup at 71-72 mph.

Jake Terrazas, Lemont HS, 1B, Class of 2014
Advanced physical frame, 6-foot-5, 220-pound right handed first baseman. Hits from an open stance, uses short stride, slight dive. Shows adequate bat speed, 83 mph exit velocity from the tee, shows signs of power. Gap to gap hitter, gets occasional extension. Defensively lacks arm strength, 67 mph across the diamond. Suitable size for first base, creates big target.

Roger Wilson, St. Laurence HS, 1B/RHP, Class of 2014
Strong build, athletic frame, some length, 6-foot-4, 190-pound two way player. Offensively, hits from open stance, arm bar load. Bat path creates extension, shows some pop, 79 mph exit velocity. Defensively shows average hands around the bag, long frame plays well at the bag, arm plays at 77 mph across the diamond. On the mound, fastball is straight at 80-83 mph, operates from a high ¾ arm slot. Curveball at 67-68 mph, decelerates arm speed. Changeup shows some feel, shows action to arm side, thrown for strikes, 73-74 mph.

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