PBR Junior Future Games: Team Wisconsin Preview

By Wisconsin Staff

From July 26th to July 31st, the Prep Baseball Report staff will run the PBR Junior Future Games at the state-of-the-art LakePoint Sports Complex in Emerson, Georgia.

The 9th Annual Invitation-Only event will feature the best identified 2026-2027 prospects from across the PBR Coverage Area in a five-day event at LakePoint Sports in Emerson, GA. Participants will be given the unique opportunity of competing against other top-level players while representing their respective state in a high-level atmosphere.

This event will run in conjunction with the PBR Future Games. The Future Games features the top uncommitted players in the Class of 2024 and 2025 from across the Prep Baseball Report’s 40+ state coverage area. It is one of the most highly recruited events of the summer and attracts more than 300 college coaches from across the country each year.

This one-of-a-kind event will include individual workouts and a 4-game guarantee with single elimination bracket play to determine a champion in each age group.

Below you'll find a few helpful links that'll make navigating the week easier:


+ TEAM WISCONSIN 14U ROSTER: https://bit.ly/3vhFa4N


Brayden Alivo SS / RHP / Thomas More, WI / 2026

From Milwaukee Rising Stars ID: He authored another one of the day’s top bullpens. Listed at 5-foot-8, 135 pounds, Alivo spins his fastball well (2,035 rpm max) for both its velocity (73-74 mph) and his age, so the pitch naturally projects. It, too, showed some carry/run characteristics and he was attacking the zone with it consistently. He showed repeat confidence in his changeup, as its sinking action that flashed late really added to the pitch’s deception, given its similarities to his fastball out of the hand and on its way to the plate. Alivo’s curveball feel is also above-average for his age; a short wrinkle type that spun at 1782 rpm on average on Tuesday. Alivo was one of the most polished and well rounded skillful players in attendance. In the box, he stood balanced with athletic rhythm, and and made tight rotational attacks to the baseball. He changed planes well, worked from inside to all pitches, and was short to impact. On the infield he had fundamental actions through the entire defensive segment. Fielding and throwing looking reliable and advanced for his age. 

Hudson Burg 3B / RHP / Fond du Lac, WI / 2026

From Green Bay Rising Stars ID: INF/RHP Hudson Burg (St. Mary’s Springs, 2026) is listed at 5-foot-7, 150 pounds, with evident strength attached to his frame, especially in his lower half. While Burg may not yet have the flashy tools, his presence on the field and skillwork were enough to draw attention. In the box, he stood tall and open with a short stride and a vertical tip. He entered the zone deep with a more vertical orientation, and showed feel for the barrel as he drove balls into the gaps. On the infield, he had an easy operation with clean and simple footwork with feel for the timing of momentum capture, and ease to his receiving. Burg reached a 75.2 mph high when he moved to the mound for the pitching segment, and looks like he’ll grow into more juice in all facets of the game.

Jake Cummins SS / 2B / Milton, WI / 2026

From South Milwaukee Rising Stars ID: 5-foot-5, 130 pounds; small frame, live athleticism. At our PBR Fall 13u/14u Championship, he showed as one of the weekend’s most advanced middle infield defenders, regardless of age/class. Made several plays to his backhand at shortstop with advanced actions; also ranged up the middle for athletic reach, spin, and throw ground ball play, while on target, to get the baserunner at first. Sure-handed funnel, fluid glove-to-hand exchange, efficient throughout with above-average carry on throws that he’ll grow into as he matures. Offensively, top-of-the-order profile; right-handed hitter, balanced base with a quiet/loose pre-pitch rhythm. Loose hands generate fast bat speed; showed a willingness to use the whole field, patient approach.

Carson Hawley OF / RHP / Bay Port, WI / 2026

From Green Bay Rising Stars ID: Listed at 5-foot-8, 150 pounds, put together one of the day’s best batting rounds. A right-handed hitter, the future Bay Port player set up wide with a high handset and a quick stride, and he worked from above with intent to carry balls into the gap. Hawley produced grounded swings with exits as high as 91.5 mph that carried up to 305 feet off the bat – one of just three players who connected for a ball that traveled over 300 feet at this event. From the outfield, he used a long arm action with arm speed and made throws as high as 87 mph to the plate – very impressive at his age and current size. And as good as Hawley was positionally, he was similarly skilled from the mound. He reached an 80.6 mph high from there on a fastball that spun among the day’s highest on average (2151 rpm), getting to that velocity with little effort and he worked in and around the zone consistently. Hawley’s slider is capable of becoming a true separator as well, as it contains genuine swing-and-miss potential already, with late sweep that reached a spin rate of 2303 rpm. He’s another one of the top 2026 players we’ve seen along this winter circuit.

Trey Kerkhoff INF / RHP / Burlington, WI / 2026 

From Madison Rising Stars ID: Stands at 5-foot-10, 140 pounds, and started his day with a 7.38 time in the 60-yard dash. During his batting session, he set up tall and narrow with a vertical barrel set, and made a tight turn to impact with violence for his respective age. Kerkhoff worked up to 87 mph off the bat with an advanced look for this group. Kerkhoff worked from a compact delivery and athleticism in-line through the plate up to 79 mph with his fastball. He also mixed a curveball and a changeup to round out the arsenal.

Matthew Hietpas CF / RHP / Appleton North, WI / 2026

From Green Bay Rising Stars ID: Listed at an advanced 5-foot-10, 160 pounds, is a standout athlete who exploded onto the radar Tuesday evening as arguably the top 2026 player we’ve seen along our Rising Stars ID circuit. After running a 7.51 in the 60-yard dash, Hieptas moved to the box and it became clear quickly that his athleticism translates very well to baseball-specific skills. Setting up tall and slightly open in the box, he coils with a barrel tip and makes explosive, yet controlled, moves to the baseball. He generated exit speeds measured up to 90.2 mph, swinging with consistent authority through impact. During his outfield session, Hieptas dropped some jaws with a max throwing velocity of 90 mph to the plate while showing premium athleticism ranging to the ball. On the mound, he worked up to 82.7 mph with his fastball and spun a tight curveball at 2391 rpm, and he added a changeup to round out the mix. Hieptas is an exciting youngster to track as he transitions into the prep level this summer.

Matthew O'Grady Jr. OF / Badger, WI / 2026

From Madison Rising Stars ID: Stands at 5-foot-10, 160 pounds, and ran the fastest 60-yard dash of this Rising Stars event (7.05). O’Grady Jr. was all over the board this weekend. Driving baseballs of the bat up to 92 mph with distances as far as 313 feet. As a left-handed pitcher, he also showed well. Throwing his fastball at 72 mph, and a changeup with significant action. O’Grady Jr. was one of the top performers of the day all around.

Cade Minatto OF / 3B / Indian Trail , WI / 2026

From South Milwaukee Rising Stars ID: 5-foot-9, 145 pounds; long levers, high-waisted frame; showed above-average control of levers for his size at his age. Right-handed hitter, went 8-for-16 on the weekend at our PBR at The Rock Championships, and hit the walk-off home run in the championship game on Sunday to end it early. Tall setup, weight-shift load back, high back elbow, short path to the zone with a long barrel through it; natural loft in swing. Also stood out from the mound where he worked from a high front side, high ¾ slot; loose, quick arm speed, sat 76-78 mph in relief, finished athletically, upright.

Dominic Santarelli 1B / OF / St. Joseph, WI / 2026

From South Milwaukee Rising Stars ID: 5-foot-6, 150 pounds; left/left two-way player who showed particularly well on the mound over the weekend at our PBR at The Rock Championships. Durable build, sturdy/strong lower half. From the windup, classic overhead rock to hip turn and high knee balance point. Efficient drive down mound, high front side; short draw, loose and clean arm action from a high ¾ slot. Finishes balanced, square to target. Profiles like a strike-throwing left-hander; fastball sat 70-73 mph, up to 74.

Caleb Johns RHP / 3B / New Berlin Eisenhower, WI / 2026 

From South Milwaukee Rising Stars ID: He was one of the more impressive two-ways in attendance. Beginning his day with a 7.68 60 yard dash, and offering a dynamic look on both sides of the ball. At the plate, Johns worked out of a tall setup with a controlled toe tap. Entering to the inside half of the baseball, and drilling balls to the pull side of the field with authority (92mph). And showing feel for barrel controlling grooving low liners to the backside when the pitch didn’t match his power. Very mature skills for the youngster. Worth noting that Johns was 79mph across the infield before hopping to the mound, and generating one of the day's best pitching performances. His arsenal consists of a fastball with 20i of horizontal action, a 2200 RPM curveball, and a changeup with 20i of horizontal break as well. 

Maddux Lessard C / Muskego, WI / 2027 

From PBRT at The Rock 14U Summer Championships: Lessard is an advanced backstop playing up an age level for STiKS Academy; a strong prospect, especially for his age, who doesn't seem out of place in the slightest against older competition. Excels defensively, mobile blocker and soft-handed receiver. Left-handed hitter, loose swings and creates real bat speed, and not just for his age. He's an all-around advanced member of this Class of 2027, and one of the top '27s we've seen to date.

Luke Schaning OF / Nathan Hale, WI / 2026

From Milwaukee Rising Stars ID: Athletic 6-foot, 170-pound frame that projects; well-proportioned levers that are fully capable of adding at least 20 pounds of strength as he continues to physically develop. Hit towards the middle of the Halos’ lineup all weekend and primarily patrolled the outfield during the PBR at The Rock Championships. Quality athlete that moves well for his size/age, potential for above-average speed down the road. Balanced setup with some crouch in the stance, quick bat waggle, hands slot into a strong hitting position at footstrike. Twitchy bat speed, level path, gap-to-gap type hitter with an intriguing power ceiling given the present juice and future body projection. Tooled up athlete that’s definitely a follow in Wisconsin’s 2026 class.

Parker Lawson RHP / CIF / Bay Port, WI / 2026

From Green Bay Rising Stars ID: RHP/CIF Parker Lawson has a mature 6-foot-1, 175-pound build that unleashed the top fastball velocity (83.7 mph) we’ve seen this winter out of a Class of 2026 player. From a shorter draw and lower release height (5.6 feet) relative to his size, Lawson’s fastball plays up some as he drops and drives slightly closed to his target, carrying true four-seam backspin through the zone at 2191 rpm on average. He sat 77-82 mph in the ‘pen but really began to sync up as he got in a rhythm, and he reached the low-80s consistently with his final few fastballs. Lawson is also able to generate large horizontal action with a slider that complements his natural ¾ arm slot, and the spin he already gets on the pitch (2053 rpm on average) helps it project even better. His future looks brightest from the mound currently, but he did also launch the day’s farthest batted ball (315 feet), so that’s worth noting.