Super 60 Spotlight: Connor Noland

Nathan Rode
National Supervisor

Connor Noland

Class of 2018 / RHP

Player Information

  • Graduating Class: 2018
  • Primary Position: RHP
  • High School: Greenwood
    State: AR
  • Summer Team: Sticks
  • Height: 6-3
    Weight: 210lbs
  • Bat/Throw: R/R


Max FB
90 - 91
79 - 82
83 - 85

Scouting Report

5.23.17 All-State Game

Noland is a 6-foot-2 180-pound right-hander with an athletic frame and build. He showed an advanced feel for the strike zone locating 4 pitches for strike. His fastball worked 86-89 mph with late life through the strike zone. He located a slider with 10/4 shape and a late break thrown 78-81 mph. His curveball was thrown 71-73 mph with 11.5 shape and early break. He flashed a changeup thrown 74-75 mph with arm side run, the two times he threw it. Noland pitches from an H ¾ arm slot, with quick arm speed, a short arm action, good balance and regular effort, with a simple tilt and topple delivery. He repeats his smooth rhyme, his shoulders stay level as he stays in line with home plate. He finishes upright and square to home plate. Overall Noland has a quick arm and an advanced feel to pitch with 4 pitches.  

Noland is a 6-foot-2 185 right-hander with a large frame and an athletic build. He uses a simple delivery with consistent rhythm. He commands his fastball 86-88 mph flashing 90 mph. He compliments his fastball with a sharp 11/5 curveball with late break and solid depth. He has a feel for his change up but throws it on a limited basis. He pitches from H 3/4 arm slot with a quick arm, with a high elbow . Overall Noland is an advanced pitcher with a quick arm. 

Noland is a 6-foot-2 180-pound, right-hander with a large frame and an athletic build. Noland anchored a Greenwood pitching staff as freshmen. He competes in the strike zone with a fastball 84-86 mph. His breaking ball has 11/5 shape and is thrown with near fastball arm speed. Mechanically he is sound with repeatable mechanics and rhythm. He pitches from an H ¾ arm slot with a quick loose arm. Noland is a good athlete with a big arm and advanced ability to throw strikes. Noland is already garnering attention from the elite of college baseball.

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